Hello! Nice to meet y’all!


So cami is a bot. I knew it. You’ve been foolin us this whole time


welcome hope ya swing by aqua embassy beckon love to give ya a tour :smile:


I find this entire conversation highly controversial and upsetting. Also nice to meet you.


@james really enjoy posting here, but maybe a review of the posts that say hi, new or coming back so it can’t happen?
Don’t want new players to feel unwelcome.


Mag you goon! You’re gonna get me in trouble xD

Boop beep


The Aqua Embassy is AMAZING. I’d love a grand tour some day ^^


@james thank you for the swift reply. Never fear, I’m just another regular old human :slight_smile:


Got it! Dang you are on top of this stuff!! :+1: thanks for clarifying.


Welcome! :slight_smile: It is a really great community, though I still have lots to learn I find myself spending more and more time playing. It is so addictive!

Sorissi is a good starting place, some nice hubs and stores there. Kindred Bay is a great hub, I link to it myself from Alder, and Aprilawesomeland has really excellent shopping.


Hey, Cami! Great to see you here. Welcome aboard! :smiley:


@bucfanpaka yeah! I’ve been in game since October. I was just scared of the forums, ya know. There’s toxic people everywhere. I haven’t found any yet! April is the best, and such a sweet person.


Thanks so much @C0ND1T10NR3D !!! :wink:


Keep in mind, that would be at the expense of having to review spam bots which are probably a lot more common than people saying hi, which is the unfortunate part.

Welcome to the forum Cami!


if wishes were horses, I guess


Well I was also told on Discord that there’s an introduction section in the forums. I was just to excited when I signed in lol :3