Hello! Nice to meet y’all!


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Heya! Glad you joined to this amazing community!


Heya! Welcome! If ya havn’t already, should check out the official boundless discord server - quite useful for talking about updates and stuff and getting help when needed.


Thank you! I just did :3



Hey Cami. I’m Mag in game. Your name sounds familiar :thinking: :smile:


Welcome to the forums.

They can be chaotic at times but a solid group of individuals here with an immense catalogue of info.


Welcome to the forums!


Welcome Aboard! Ashore! Or wherever you are! :wink:


Welcome welcome welcome! Please don’t let the few people here that can be a pain make you upset. Some seem to like to be that way. But mainly there’s a lot of good people here that are willing to help a lot. Also strange someone flagged your post.


Hey Cami! Glad to see you made it on to the forums and discord at last :boundless: !



Im impressed your first post got flagged. Thats a solid effort!


Lol… how did that get flagged??

And hello Cami! Welcome!!


Gee, I wonder :thinking::thinking::joy::joy:


Please don’t post such filth on here, my children read this forum! Gosh!


Welcome! I’ve only been playing a couple weeks but it already feels like home.


Welcome to the official forums.
Lots of great reads here. Another voice is always welcome.

I’m Nytemara I’m based in Duskmoor Phemnorium.
Your welcome ro visit if you havent already & also join our Duskmoor community discord.

New friends always welcome to join us.
Good travels & reading🤗


Personally, I hope the devs check out who did it and why.

Can’t see any reason to flag a welcome. Spite?

Anyhow, if you see someone named Egora and she is yellow with a black neck (still think that design looks more like flowers than feathers, : ) ) that is me and a big welcome to the discord and hope to see you running around.


Cool! Everyone here is alrdy so nice!! My first home is The Island of Misfits, which is my very best friends. I also happily reside in the capital city of Kindred Bay! I’m on Cammi the most bc she’s my hunter/gatherer. I hope to meet everyone one day! :heart:


Yaaay Stretchious, my friend!!!


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