Hi there Oort forums!

I am considering buying this game to break the mundane cycle of playing MOBA/FPS genres back and forth.
I think this game could be something I may really get into! I’m going to need some people to play with though (maybe show me the ropes). :blush:


What are you waiting for, you are already in the right state of mind and in the right place :heart_eyes:
Once you bought the game find me on steam under the name mittekemuis and I’ll be glad to help you along.

Hi !
I’m online in the forum very often, also I do not post too much because I’m tired (a bit grumpy) often.
I’m also looking for mates to play with :smile: I haven’t been playing lately and I sincerely want to get back into the game.
I am on Omoson (must be Westcoast-US) because it is an immensely beautiful world. I’m in a huge mountaincave there. In general - the whole world is epic.
Drop me a line if you want - Until now I haven’t been ineracting too much with other players ingame, but the possibility is there in a variety of inspiring ways :slight_smile:

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Hi @Zephasys !! Welcome aboard!

The game indeed looks very promising, so don’t just stand there - jump in!
You can also join Oort Forum Community on Steam to see if someone is playing at the moment: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/oortforumcommunity

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Welcome to our community!

Thank you for the warm welcome you guys! :smile:


This is my steam id so feel free to add me! It may be beneficial for you guys to let me know your names as I get quite a few spam invites!

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Who wants to collaborate?

Hi and welcome! my steam id and this one are the same so feel free to friend me as well :smile: I always like to collaborate with others! I hail from Lapas (US east coast) but will probably expand and have other builds on different servers. I am looking for someone to help build the Lapas capital with me. Are you in the US?


PS: your steam ID didnt work for me…

Do you mind if I add you? I’m looking for people to play with myself and just bought this game yesterday. I’m pretty new, but I’m sure I can get the hang of it.

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sure! thats great!

Yes I am on the US East coast! :smile:

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Friend request sent!

accepted! awesome, come to LAPAS, we have cookies LOL just kidding! i am lonely though. I am at the capital but will be AFK in a bit (getting my son to bed) then back trying to clear the capital beacon to start building :smile: