Help about the Devlogs and updates

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(Maybe the General category wasn’t adapted for this post, but don’t think Support is for this type of subject, so I’ll just let that here)

I liked the new features brought by the Release 169, therefore I started reading Dev Updates, and Devlogs in order to see future ones.
I got confused on some points in the posts: we see of course, cool new stuff and features, but I wanted to know, if the features they show in Weekly Dev Updates are immediatly implemented in the game after the post (like in a window of 1-2 days) or just later on (7-14 days).
So basically how often is the game updated. Every week, along with the Weekly Dev Updates? Every month? Randomly?

And are the Dev Updates about the new features they are working on AND will be implemented or just about testing things? Didn’t seemd to find on the posts hints on when the game is gonna be updated.

Thanks for reading. Sorry in advance if answer was obvious.

To be very concise, announcements category is about the things that have been implemented in the game and devlogs about what’s been working on, but not necessarily in game yet.

To expand upon that idea, announcements will have information on what the current patch added, modified or took away.

Devlogs will discuss and showcase progress, concepts and ideas worked by the devs. They’ll also allow for topic specific threads were players voice their opinions about mostly controversial topics like beacons and fuel.


Thanks for answering! Helped a lot ^o^