Help choosing a build location

I could use some help. I want to make a one person build of the lonely mountain (from the hobbit) with 4 or 5 alts. I could use some help picking a location on Circarpous to build it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I really wouldn’t mind building it a little ways from any of the cities since it was close to one in the movie :):grin:


Well, on Storis II there is a town called The Shire (Shires…?) which should play nice with all things hobbit…?

Thanks I will check it out! Coordinates?

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761N, -1252E for The Shire

Omg yes, you are feeding my fantasy nerdism!! :heart_eyes:
I was thinking a couple months back it would be so cool to see someone make exactly that! Please include Smaug!

Would love on circa, purely based bc that’s where I live, but the colors seem a bit bright for the lonely mountain.

There was a planet with more muted colors, but I can’t remember which one. I just remember thinking “this reminds me of a Skyrim pallet” before I jumped back in the portal.

Sorry, I’m not much help but I totally encourage this project! :grin:

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