Help choosing Biome

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Looking for the biome that would have mass thorns , tried thorny forest but only gives small scraggly bits , anyone used “wasteland? Let me know if you’ve used these as would like to check out your sovereign

I think the biomes most likely to have thorns would be

Level 5 Wasteland
Level 7 Dark Field
Level 8 sky Pattern

Hopefully someone can confirm which one works best though - I am not certain. 🌳 Absurdly long Pics thread - Rental Planet Biome Choices


I would argue some desert biomes had thorns… Just what i remember…
Also dunno what biome is that one that is In nia zed ka… It Has big open area with holes that are full with thorns… Hope this helps.

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Yeah they had thorns on the forest and desert but not in big patches like some exos so annoying to collect cactus shape at time rather than a patch that could take an aoe ax and harvest a stack or use regen to farm it, I have tried all but the wasteland and so far only gives cactus shape as the largest which will have to do just takes ages to collect enough.

A K so haven’t tried dark field or sky pattern will have a look if anyone’s used it before I waste another rental lol

Is this what you are looking for?

Not quite sure what ones I picked. its called Achrak, accessible from Circa if you want to check it out, coordinates are 1,993N, -2,165E

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I got this too. but not remember witch one it was, could be one of the mountain biome, with this valleys.
Maybe chocolate mountains, or something similar. This is not dark field or sky pattern.

both look like ‘T5 - Thorny forest’
it’s very flat, but the thorns and prefab trees can go quite far into neighbouring biome

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Yeah!! Much more what was looking for indeed since can harvest a heap at once before needing bombs. :+1:t3:I will check em out today ! Thank you so much!

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