Help finding gleam please

Ok I’m new to the game, I’ve looked in game and tried searching the forums here, but I’m struggling to find gleam in vekil, can anyone give me some pointers please…
Additionally is there any other way to regenerate health atm other than health blocks? (yes that’s why I need gleam)…
Thanks and sorry for being a newb!

No problem at all! It’s usually found in caves or under cliffs or in river beds or whatnot. Storial has a good amount in the base of it’s floating islands if you’re good with the grappling hook (if not, maybe look somewhere else, there are many lava lakes on Storial).

Nope for the moment the only way to regain health is healing blocks or dying^^

Thanks for the help and yeah I’ve got the dying for health bit down lol

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I went down someone’s ice slide today and at the bottom was a group of bounce pads…the slide dropped me onto the dirt right in front of the pads so I died :frowning: Couldn’t find the spot again, so fair warning if you’re on Lieb!

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The bounce pads are highly subject to physics and the ice slide can’t keep on course making you hit the bounce pads at different angles. I played with this for countless hours and I could not find a way to guarantee a safe travel. Sometimes,. I could get ~90% safe, but never full proof.

Since they fixed the “sudden stopping mid-slide” You can travel 100% safe if you build the slide so you can travel without touching the keyboard^^ Or that’s at least how I remember it.

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You can regain health from Cooked meat. You take the raw meat you get off the goats and craft with torches. It will heal you to full.

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Gleam on vekil is found in caves. There’s quite a lot of caves too.


If you want to do it the hard way, then caves are usually the answer.

I know where the repositories are on several worlds if you just want to get some gleam and will replace what you take.

Thanks again for the help everyone, yeah as I’m learning I did it the easy way, for now

If you like an easy way you can use my “farm”.


Coords are:

If you see the castle, you are right.
I have all gleam inside beacon and doubled outside for people who want to take them.

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Thanks for the offer, I’m all sorted atm (thanks @Apocalyptica ) but I’ll check ur setup out soon for sure

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This was a huge help! I stopped by and grabbed one of each, and replaced them after. Thank you! I wanted to screenshot the place, but I have no idea how to take in-game screenshots, haha.