HELP! Give us your opinion on automatic protection zones around beacons?


Maybe the protection could increase as the number of plots used goes up? This way a city would get the chance to expand, or a town would be able to expand into a cit without fear of being plotted out of territory they want.


One plot per settlement level on your as a buffer to max at 3 or 4 gets my vote. That way it protects you but doesn’t get out of hand.


I like a max of 3.


but it doesnt make effort to refine the compacted copper or iron and machine it then. u get nearly 2 mass crafts of machined copper/iron from 360 with only some fuel use which gives 20 prestige more per block with a total of nearly 2000 prestige more. u get so much iron as mining byproduct, but gleam only occasionally when u dont farm specifically for it


i wanna understand this

can i still merge with my neighbours to a settlement with protection areas up?
as far as i was understanding u can only get in contact with other settlements when either u or ur neighbour gives plot permission. Will we have extended settlement merging distance? will we merge when we have common protection claims? or is merging now permission-only?


But if you wanted to prestige bomb someone and didn’t already have stockpiles from mining then getting enough gleam to refine is far easier than finding enough copper or iron.

And it is trivial to refine the gleam compared to refining the copper etc


i sell some machined iron in my shop for 7c … a 50 prestige block. Come get some if u like :smile:
the iron wall protects against prestige bombs

would sell some machined gold /silver, too, on demand


pretty cool
i def need that
but they need to make it look like that 3map software in jurassic park :smile:


Its definitely yes and ive been visiting playercitys these days and it be better soon than late

ive seen walls
plots going around people

alot its pretty obvious some people need that zone to seperate them from those they dont get along with

all i hear in these place is this quit this quit cuase off dumbstuff
like a village name and mayor

just let people have citys separate that touch eachother

these kind off wars are ruin game for people on alot off places

think alot off the stories are better understood ingame by hearing the people involved
i probably am guilty off trong assumptions in this forum been here a while lol

people saying to move out off eachother way are wrong to cuase sometimes these people build stuff they proud off would you tear it down?

any newz on this dev’s?
our will it be coming with guilds?

just saw this my bad :slight_smile:

quote off james
This system doesn’t attempt to deal with forced Settlement merging. Retaining a Settlement’s identity will be resolved by features coming in the Guild system.


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def not flagging this to funny lol


never told u about my preference of people.
when u quote u should make sure that u quote right.


what wrong with you just say i think you made mistake and i change it i took it the wrong way my bad :smile:
EDIT:fixed it moving on


whats wrong with u, constantly misrepresenting people (or me particularly?)
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doesnt translate well to any language :smile: but i do my best