HELP! Give us your opinion on automatic protection zones around beacons?


I think another way to help with this, is if plots in the plot view mode could be more easily seen. Like really, go into a town and turn on plotview, and you can’t easily tell who owns what plot, or even what IS plotted or not. Some plots have a solid color, some don’t have a solid color and only outlined, and so on. A better way of seeing plots, like a secondary mode, hold the button down and see the solid form of all plots so you can clearly see which plots are actually plotted, and which ones aren’t and just in the middle and look plotted.


Fair point, I suspected a similar response… I think that it could depend on when things were plotted or prestige increases to the next level of buffer.
So if player B is on the way to a 3 plot buffer and player A caught this and still wants to expand more, new plots buffered by player B is theirs at the 2 plot level and then player A gets to the 2 plot level, any previously wild plots within that buffer will go to player A.
First come first serve would apply there too.
(I hope that made sense :P)

There is no perfect system.
What we can do is just try to make it as good as possible. There will always be flaws but we can mitigate most of them.


The problem with this, is it isn’t fair to those people just starting the game. First come, first serve makes some sense but also is not a good practice sometimes.

We have to support new people or they will leave or the game gets the label as being only for old players. We already have a pretty embedded user base of the same players and have had a hard time keeping new people…


But if those new players are nice (probably 80-90% chance) then the warden or nearby players would have no problem letting them plot nearby.


If the Protection bubble is 1 plot around, then a new player that plots 1 plot, would be able to expand in any of the 8 protected plots around him. Which expands the protection even more.

It wouldn’t help them, if every land nearby is protected, or they tried to plot down in a small gap between multiple people’s protection zone. The first one is Dev’s fault for not adding more planets, and the second one is the new player’s fault for plotting in the middle of an area already surrounded and not next to or off on his own.


That would be amazing, but please figure out the AlreadyNextToEachother beacons, so that nobody loses anything if one guy decides to enable the perimeter


I voted yes. I have seen several people use the prestige/Warden-overtaking tactic as a way to troll/grief/‘pseudo-PvP’ (and my settlement is currently dealing with one), and it has always resulted in the targets seriously thinking about quitting, or actually quitting, because this game has been designed and portrayed as a coop game rather than PvP, and when people can use the mechanics of the game to grief other people and try to ruin their enjoyment of the game, for their own amusement, you lose players.

The three potential pseudo-PVP tactics as I’m aware are (1) blocking/preventing expansion (somewhat dealt with by the Code of Conduct, thank you devs), (2) overtaking the Warden position to suddenly change the name/identity of a settlement [still allowed, I think Warden should be purely a figurehead with no abilities; if they want to name a settlement, let them create their own instead of taking over someone else’s (unless the owner leaves/quits); changing this would make Warden competitions more friendly, I think], (3) auto-merging of settlements, which this change would try to prevent, unless both parties were wanting to merge.

Some suggestions:
(a) I agree the buffer should be limited, no more than 2-3 max, I think otherwise it may cause more trouble than it solves; also, I would like to know if this will include suddenly-deplotted ‘internal’ plots; e.g., a player quits or forgets to feed their beacon; I think it should protect those, at least to the size of the buffer; I have seen several troll-y players swoop in suddenly when settlement owners were offline or unaware, and take over a plot in the middle of a settlement, and use it to grief the settlement inhabitants;

(b) if a wild plot would be ‘protected’ normally, but there is a claimed plot by another settlement between the wild plot and the settlement that would be protecting it, that plot remains an unprotected wild plot. This would prevent overlapping roads, prevent total envelopment of a smaller settlements (unless the larger settlement deliberately expanded around it to prevent expansion, which could be referred to the Code of Conduct),

© I think it would solve a number of potential issues if, instead of, or in addition to turning the protection entirely off, the owner of a settlement could use a de-protection plotter to remove protection from a specific plot, in order to let another player/settlement plot it.


Just one caveat on my “yes” vote for this feature:

  • Please keep the protected plots to a minimum. Ideally, tie it to footfall tiers by prestige. If there are 3 tiers for footfall then make the protected plots around your build 1, 2, 3 plots deep respectively.


Thanks for taking the time to make visual references in your points. :slight_smile:


I’m torn, but think I agree with those saying the prestige system isn’t encouraging creative builds and this is linked to that. It’s just too easy to spam gleam to grow your prestige.


Would It not be more simplistic to code the plots to check for player placed blocks within a beaconed collumn? This way we could just claim a border around our settlement and It would not be merged Into another settlement.


My 2 cents on this is rather a simple feature. A beacon owner can chose (in the infancy of their beacon) if they want their beacon to be “public” or “private”. A public beacon would allow you to connect with others and create collaborative beacons when someone connects to your beacon. A private beacon would make it so there will always be a 1 wild plot “barrier” around your plots that no one can take. Also make it if a public beacon is already connected to other beacons, it cannot change to private. I think this will to a huge part fix the issue of people encroaching on other peoples builds and taking away settlements. I do like that the reserved plot goes infinitely up and down. I think that is well done. However to that effect, I think that we should be able to appoint a co-owner for beacons, so that people can share their reserved plots with friends. Can have a max of 1 co-owner, and the “leader” of the beacon is whichever has used the most plots.


I think the permissions group would do more good when we add guild permissions (which I eventually know will be a thing in due time).

Just a thought. Overall I give the idea a thumbs up. A lot of people have territory issues.

Sunken City of Love is dying now... I give up

One feature to make things easier for settlement builders would be to let players who own protected plots to make these UNPROTECTED on a plot by plot basis. That way if another player wanted to build in that plot in the same settlement and the owner of the protected plot wanted to allow them, he could just un-protect the plot(s) in question rather than have to go changing permissions.


Gleam is BY FAR not the best way to increase prestige. Just because it glows, doesn’t = prestige. It’s in fact one of the lower average items. Also corruption blocks actually loose prestige. The harder you work on making a block, the more its worth. You don’t work on gleam hardly at all. So spamming blocks doesn’t win prestige. Also the work you put into blocks like chisel ratios and other factors = more prestige. Truly the more a player actually builds with hard crafted items, RIGHTLY so he gets more prestige. WAY over the guy who spammed a wall of gleam.

I keep seeing players thinking its a gleam game. Come look at my plot in blacklight and tell me how I have that ratio of prestige to plots. It’s not gleam.


I want this feature. I love the idea and that of voting for “mayor” with your prestige too. Excited to see it!!!


I really hope this feature is implemented. I live in a settlement with real life friends and we were completely by ourselves with no one else that close to us, as we wanted to be alone and not bothered. Well yesterday I was looking at the settlement menu and saw some guy was number 4 and I asked my friend who that was and he didnt know, well come to find out this troll plotted against us and had already started erecting a gleam tower. Within an hour he took the number 1 spot, changed our settlement name, went into the trade menu with one of us to show how much gleam he had probably to try to discourage us from fighting him with prestige. There’s no reasoning with him and he says hes going to build a portal network right there. He is clearly unwanted so I’m 100% for this idea. We’ve had some feedback on what to try to do to fight this so hopefully something works but until then we can only hope this feature gets put into the game.


I like this idea, but honestly the reason I like it most is the added permission, and the option to turn it off. Without those features this should not be implemented. That said, since you guys already said those were features, I am 100% on board with this. I would like the protection zone be communicated to players clearly as well though. Like a outpost gets 2 plots around it, a hamlet gets 3, village 5 (for example). This in combination with the prestige re-balance could make life very interesting. I look forward to the guild system as well. :smiley:


The problem is with refined gleam it is worth 10 points of prestige. Gleam is easy to obtain and with 1 step in the crafting process you INCREASE the number of blocks you can place over what you mined.

Now compare that say to refined copper which is 40 points of prestige. You need 360 copper (and spark) to mass craft 50 compact copper. Then 36 compact coppers to mass craft 50 refined copper. So out of 360 copper you get about 69 placeable blocks worth 40 each = 2760 points.

Now 36 gleam when refined gives you 50 refined gleam. So with 360 gleam you get 500 placeable blocks for 5000 points.

With each placeable block you can further increase the prestige if you chisel them.

Which is the easiest to obtain and which has the highest value? The gleam!


If two perimeters are touching but the claimed plots are still, lets way, 4 plots away from each other, would it still merge into a single settlement?

What do the guild system features look like?