HELP! Give us your opinion on protecting settlement identity?


How does this permission interact with the new Guild System?
Can a beacon owner of a guild aligned beacon choose to allow plotting in the buffer zone for all guild members? Or is it only possible to allow plotting in the buffer zone on a per person level?


I dunno. I still think the Guild system sounds too convoluted. I like to kill creatures, build, make refined items, etc. I don’t like tower defense games.

I know you folks are trying to figure out a way to make things better, but I think this is going to result in more rage-quitting and unhappy noobs. At this point, this is turning into a strategy & defense game, and not a fun MMO sandbox.

I think this is why other games make guilds/clubs/etc a separate entity from the main gameplay, so that people can come together in peace and make awesome clubs, dojos, etc. For some reason, you folks don’t seem to want to allow this. You’re trying to combine personal beacon builds with settlements with guilds with factions…and allow trolls to muck it all up.

The simple solution would be to remove the code that allows someone other than the beacon owner to rename their settlement, unless their beacon goes out. I 100% agree with this statement:

No one is going to be happy if someone else can come along with machined gold blocks, build a tower, then rename a settlement/guild to “You Suck Purple Monkey Butt”. I’ve invested a ton of time & some $$$ into this game, I love to play it, I can’t wait to stream it, but I am not going to if 90% of my time will have to go towards Guild/settlement/beacon defense. Who wants to watch that? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Some new QoL improvements would go a long way: the hunter monster that you folks have been showing us, farming, fishing, more creatures & drops, more machines, more decor, an item-to-coin incinerator machine, etc.

I guess we’ll just have to see how this all plays out. I’m not looking forward to the Guild system, as it has been presented so far.


I say I have to agree. I have seen Settlements and Cities renamed because of trolls.
I have also been planning to make a nice personal beacon, but if it is going to get engulfed by troll guilds then I’ll hold off :confused:

I would love to see the farming, fishing update stuff, the new blocks, etc.


Or do something similar to giving permissions in protected space where you can give permissions in reserved space


Also…you say there will be a 1-3 plot buffer zone where people can’t encroach upon others…this solves nothing. People could still do the same old blocking and griefing by building as close as possible to a build/settlement, then the system wouldn’t allow anyone to build in the “buffer plots”.


What part of the guild system is introducing something new that is taking so much time?
From what I got, you just create a Guild, align your beacon to it with one button pressed and then you play as normal with the only difference that you now only share a settlement with other guild beacons instead of every beacon like now.


From what I gather, people have to be allowed in/out of the guild, plots expire and the guild/settlement loses those items, you would still need to plot/defend your beacon/settlement/etc…


If you set your Guild and forget about it, so much could happen.
I think it needs to be simplified, it also sounds like there is just too much put into Guilds.


Huge problem with buffer, Now 1 person can take up 1-3x the plots as before.

Example, say player only has 20 plots. As of now, they can only claim 20 plots. After update itll be a stupid amount more. X is claimed O is protected


youll now see this in crazy amount surrounding cities to stop growth.

So youre causing a problem several times larger then the 1 we have now.


Exactly. It’s like we’ll automatically lose the ability to plot 10-30% of a planet.


Not trying to be mean, but i dont think the Devs have played very many games. People will always grief, people will always attempt to create havic on others stuff. Just will. Youre job is to make it where their havic is at the minimalist amount. You are literally making their job 1-3x easier


So now we additionally have to worry about our own beacons being renamed if we are part of a Guild? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::unamused:


Only if you give the guild full access to your beacons. From my understanding you can align without turning over control.


Honestly, you can stop settlements from expanding by plotting every couple of plots now. The protection buffer would just make it easier to prove intent for the developers.

What is needed, and will hopefully come in time, is a streamlined way of dealing with coc and trolling issues.

Edit: typing on a phone is awful.


True, I just think itll create a whole new, way more magnitude problem then we have now.


Going off of what I read it should be simple, and someone correct me if im wrong. Once guilds become a thing all you need to do is 1. Join the guild and 2. Go to your beacon to align to the guild of your choice. That’s it. The guild would only have control over your beacon if you give the guild control of it, otherwise it acts as it currently does.

Giving the guild control of a beacon just makes things a little easier to manage, like maintaining roads. Your road beacon can be aligned to the guild and permissions given to a certain rank in the guild. Everyone with that rank in the guild would be able to manage the road and any other beacon that is a “guild beacon”. No one should be able to rename your beacon if you don’t “donate” that beacon to the guild.

Also any beacon that you “donate” to the guild ultimately remains yours. You can unalign that beacon from the guild at any time and it would become yours and yours alone again. Again im a ps4 player so i havent had a chance to test myself but thats what i’ve taken from the patch notes so far.


Things that would help griefing.

Any beacon under a certain prestige/block count will be deleted way faster then month+.
Devs will see griefing beacons then, as they will be blocks of nothings/filled with ■■■■.


The original beacon buffer pitch from the devs accounted for this, because buffer is derived by prestige. If you plot every other space as in


you would have to make each o be its own prestige bomb without any help. As long as we get the prestige rebalance first, this would be a ton of work just to troll. It would be easier to do the traditional


and consolidate your prestige to one beacon. Yes this still increases the troll’s expressiveness, so the overall complaint still holds. But the gains won’t be as bad as your diagram illustrates.

For the record I voted against the beacon buffer originally and still feel that way. I think by the time the devs release guilds and rebalance prestige it will be clear to everyone that there is some simpler solution to what problems remain than to implement the buffers.


I don’t know. In my opinion designing everything to stop trolls is an effort in futility and comes at the expense of legitimate players. Having a fast response team for tickets, or potentially player moderator triage would probably be a better way to deal with the issue.

That way the developed content focuses more on fun instead of being dumbed down and gutted because of a few players who are going to be problems anyways.


I like the new changes as I understand them. Sounds like there will be a little bit of a learning curve to get everything lined up and working but I don’t think it is going top be as bad a people think. @majorvex I am pretty sure I read that you will be able to build in the buffer zone, if you allow it. I see what you mean about 10-30% loss if no one did, but as the worlds are kind of large I don’t see this being a real issue except in some cases where people want to build in the same spot. I certainly get the issue.

My question to @james is: What happens in the current cities/settlements that have all the plots built on and connected when you turn on the buffer zone? The entire place would be in a buffer zone. Until everyone allows the building in the buffer zone, in the cities, there is a paradox (I think right use of the word).