HELP! Give us your opinion on protecting settlement identity?


I cant wait for this update, I’m having issues now in two areas where it says I’m touching two settlements but on one of them city was listed for a long while & then one day I got the message I was touching two settlements yet I’m only near one unless it means my own as my prestige went up.
Cant wait for guilds :innocent:


I’m all for updating the game but it honestly feels like it is still Early Access the way major systems keep getting reworked.

Its super frustrating and has created a multiple situations where I have felt like I have wasted a ton of time in the game.


I’ve got some time to think about buffer zones and I’m not convinced anymore that it would solve anything. Overlapping buffer zones next to your build are the same as someone else’s plots: unplottable and lost.

Let’s face it, buffer zones are ment for those situations where you deal with uncooperative neightbors.
If someone builds right next to you and is not willing to negotiate over plots, they won’t as well negotiate over buffer zones. It just creates a dead unusable no-man’s-land.
If you face someone who is willing to grant you permissions to build in the buffer zone, this person would most likely also have moved plots for you. The system defeats the purpose.

In my opinion it just makes things worse and life in a city much harder. Builds will decay unable to be saved because you can’t get hold of all the players whose buffer zones overlap within 4 hours. Huge no-man’s-lands everywhere.
I know it’s planned to be able to turn off the buffer zone, but let’s be honest, if it’s an opt-out-feature, most people won’t do it because they don’t know or they don’t care and considering how fragmented big cities are, buffer zones will be a constant annoyance.

I can only see very small well organized groups benefit from this, but you can already achieve the same benefits today by plotting everything in advance that you care about. Has worked really well for me so far.

In conclusion, I changed my vote in the other thread to a no to buffer zones.


Forgive me if this has already been spoken about-- aren’t there a few early-game quests that specifically suggest the player go find an existing settlement and build a plot right next to it? Maybe deleting that wording in the quest and re-focusing the idea on making your own settlements would cut down on people building right next to others.

Edit: I found the quest! Settle Into a Settlement asks you to place a beacon control next to a nearby settlement. (And, this is a separate issue, but none of my friends including me have been able to complete this quest because the “add fuel to your beacon to join the settlement” function won’t activate even when every other piece is completed. We’re in a hamlet!)


my opinion is , I already gave it, and would like to see it soon. Fully agree with James idea as it is. I believe it is perfect after much meditating on it. A Brilliant plan that only helps and does not hinder.


You see my worst fears as well.

All these No Man’s Lands will be soo ugly. You won’t even be able to connect your build to roads without SirAFK’s permission!

We’re affecting 100% of our players over a problem that 5% experience.


Do you have any suggestion for alternatives?
80% of people that bothered to vote, voted for buffers, and the poll was up for 3 months before this post was made confirming they had accepted the results of the poll and decided to move forward with the buffers.


Totally agree on the problems with buffer zones. I have a hard time picturing how a place like Gyosha Mall would be able to work with buffer zones in play. You’d need permission not just from the mall owner but also all of the fellow shopkeeps within the buffer zone for your plots.

Everything else sounds great!


:frowning: I guess we’re gonna find out lol …I’m kinda worried honestly.

I’m making a list of the supplies I need to craft the new Helix machines so I can hopefully form the guild asap when the update happens.

I guess if everyone in the mall (that wants to) joins the mall guild & aligns their shop beacons to it, everything should be ok? I just hope it’s not too complicated for everyone to set their permissions on their beacons so no one loses anything.



Disable the perimeter: For player who want to build Settlements and roads and infrastructure they will be able to disable the protection perimeter on their beacon. This would be equivalent to giving all players permission to plot in their perimeter.

Sounds like malls will be able to function just fine, so long as the owner sets this permission up on the settlement. It would make no sense for this to be per beacon in a huge settlement like a mall, but hopefully this feedback was given during the appropriate time.


Would each beacon in the mall have to disable their perimeter as well? What if they are on vacation or not in the game any time soon? Will it effect the plot next to them on each side?


If it works that way, it won’t work.
There’ll just need to be an option for the settlement owner to disable perimeters settlement wide. If it doesn’t work this way when the feature is released, they will need to change it soon after.

Make sure you all jump on the test server when it’s coming.


I’ve already been testing it on the test server :+1:



Does that build include the protection perimeters though?


This is what is available on the test server. Maybe diff from live. Dunno. No likey.

This just seems scary:


Plots buffer is bad idea, guild already fixe the issue some people had with getting their settlement absorbed.


The helix machines cost a hella amount of coin, run 24/7 (wearing out the spark generator)… :thinking:


hmm I don’t think you should have to give up personal beacon permissions :neutral_face:

I definitely don’t like: “They may have access to YOUR machines and storage or be able to add and remove blocks within YOUR beacon”, when you join the guild…

I also didn’t notice a buffer zone on the test server.


If someone gives perms to a guild, then changes their mind…can they get their beacon/stuff back? What if the guild gets salty and says no or doesn’t answer?



My understanding is only the guild permissions are coming in the next release, everything else is work that they are likely to do based on player feedback, but in a later release. So it may be some time before we see any buffer zone changes hit the test server.