HELP! Give us your opinion on protecting settlement identity?


I think it’s in everyone’s best interest to let guilds play out a bit, let the prestige rebalance play out a bit, and then we can see if we still need plot buffers or something like it.

I think this is a case of plan early, plan twice. The needs of the community may be vastly different in just a few short patches


It for 7 days tho so, 22k a day and 888wear per days.


Yup, the 3000-12k beacon coins I get per day won’t be enough. Not interested in begging other players for coin either. :unamused: And that’s just for one helix machine.

If you can’t tell, the Guild update is freaking me out…I rarely freak out. I promise I will chill. Bracing for Guild impact…


That is a lot of coins per day :dizzy_face:


Well with 60 guild members giving 1k a week, you can run one mega buff. smaller guild will run minor buff, those buff are not intended to a one person guild to fuel alone.


No it does not. Your settlement can still be absorbed into a larger one. This is not a true statement. The guild settlement can keep their name, but the prestige still is added into the prestige for the larger settlement. The guild is part of the larger settlement even if they would prefer to be independent or maybe merge with someone else.

There is an assumption by some that players will want to be part of a guild with all that entails. There are also limits to the number of guilds you can be in. With all I am reading about the guilds, I am not sure I see much of an advantage to being in one. But that is off topic.

Personally, I still think they need to add in the protection zones. It allows new players time to expand, it lets players really decide if they want to be part of a settlement or not and it allows a settlement to decide if they want a player to join them or not. Before anyone says that is against the way the game is played, is that not exactly how guilds will work? The guild has to let you align and can kick you out if they want to also.

Anything that allows players that have spent a lot of time and energy to create a build or settlement, the ability to better control what happens to that settlement is a good thing in my opinion. I do understand the concern expressed about blank plots in cities, but since the developers are giving us the option to turn off the protection zones, players that are concerned about that do have the ability to do something about it. Will it require more cooperation in order to happen? Yes. But since the game is supposed to include building a community is this really a problem?


Well you do keep your name that what I mean by keeping their settlement. I have no issue myself with the game or how settlement work. But if I want my friends or other player to build a plots just next to me I would love that to be possible.

Otherwise thing like gyosha mail or any kond of mail won’t be possible and also any road in city would not work with a buffer zone.


The buffer proposal includes details for giving plotting permissions and fully disabling the buffer zone:


But does that mean each and every player that has a beacon in a settlement needs to disable the perimeter to allow cities/malls etc as they are now?


Fair enough. I look at it differently. I think the name is only part of being a settlement. If a group of us puts the effort into creating a settlement worth 1 million prestige, then I would like to decide if that work is used by another player in an attempt to become viceroy or to be the warden of a bigger settlement. The buffers would give me/us that option.

As @james stated, since it can be turned off someone building a mall can turn off the buffer zones so that it does not make building that type of build impossible.


Awesome idea on paper, 5 stars for sure! But in reality it’ll make malls instantly become a thing of the past because people have to go through 3-5 clicks to open their menus to disable perimeters (and let’s face the music… this just ain’t gonna happen consistently).

Malls will go from looking like Shop A, Shop B, Shop C to Shop A, dead zone, Shop B, dead zone, Shop C, dead zone.

And one very important question… if my existing build rubs up against another existing build, and buffers become a thing, and they have buffer zone turned on… and I un-plot a plot in their buffer zone… and I don’t have buffer zone permissions, I just lost that plot - right? Because their buffer zone will eat it.

Maybe buffer zones need to cost plots…?


@james Disable the perimeter: For players who want to build Settlements and roads and infrastructure they will be able to disable the protection perimeter on their beacon. This would be equivalent to giving all players permission to plot in their perimeter.

Just making sure…So I will need to forgo the ability to protect the perimeter of the mall & my beacon there, in order for everyone in the mall to keep building or keep control of their beacons?

Also, some people don’t play that often, might have left the game, or don’t understand beacon permissions…if they don’t forgo their beacon perimeter will it effect the shop/beacon/plot right next to them?

(I did not mean for this post to @ you Xavilen)


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