HELP! Give us your opinion on refactoring prestige calculation?


Yeah, that’s the variation bonus listed.

Keep in mind that both built ratio and variation are… super weird.
Add say 10 more plots worth of anything (tho I didn’t test with air) and see the variation get slashed for no discernible reason.

(My best guess is that they’re using it as a sort of ‘equalizer’ for people that want small beacons, to compensate somewhat for the lessened block space to fill with prestige, but that’s just a hunch)


I wasn’t tracking at this level of detail but yesterday I did add 16 plots of empty air to my build for a total of a couple thousand (didn’t write it down but I think it was over 2000) prestige.

I’m almost ready to start actually playing for today but I don’t think I’m going to spend my time testing this heh.

I think that I’ll start paying more attention though.It seems some bonus factors work up and some work down. And I’m actually killing myself on these highly thematic builds.

Here I’ve managed to maintain 100% bonus moving points. Note the total is actually 200%ish as opposed to the soil filled plot displaying 100% and giving roughly 150%:

I think this screenshot might lead to some judging, heh.

You should come see that in person it’s my favorite thing I’ve done in game. Got that bonus worked down to 88%.

Here we go now, this build is 90 plus percent nothing but machined copper and warp conduit:

I’m adding gleam but man my chiseler is headed that way some time in the future.

I can also see that I’m headed toward some more optimized building. People seem to place a lot of moral weight on these things, and I think a lot of long time voxel builders feel it cheapens their art.

I’m learning to do this in boundless and while my desire to achieve a visual far overrides my desire for prestige or footfall - I can’t see anything wrong with optimizing your time invested as a factor.


No judging from me, at any rate. I do try to optimize for footfall as well but never to any extreme. If whatever settlement I’m building at is below 40c/visit, then I bury some iron under the thing until it gets there and that’s good enough for me in effort/reward.

Too much work to carry something to 60c solo, and the next jump up from there seems insane even for someone as obsessive as me. If the place develops to naturally reach that, great, if not, I’m more interested in it being pretty anyway.

I can understand why people that are interested in going for warden/capital/viceroy would get more extreme about it tho. Personally, while I enjoy a good old-fashioned e-peen measuring contest as much as the next guy, those in particular never caught my fancy.


I think what you’re experiencing here are minuscule changes to the Built Ratio bonus. If I got it right, it’s the bonus you get for not filling plots to the brim with blocks, essentially for free space. Which is why you see prestige going up while adding more free plots. It’s also why total prestige goes up by small amounts for removing blocks that don’t grant any prestige by themselves (as in natural blocks).

Because the values in the debug menu are rounded down, you won’t see the change to the % in builds that already consist of a lot of plots/blocks, but it still happens and is reflected in the total prestige.

There is actually not a single block that grants negative base prestige. That includes Ancient Corruption which I keep hearing has negative prestige. Either it used to be the case, or it was always just a myth perpetuated by that odd little bonus wielding results that can be easily misconstrued.


There have never been negative prestige blocks. As you say, its an interaction with the bonuses that produce reductions in prestige on new placements.

It’s one of the things the rebalanced prestige would resolve; so that prestige never goes down when placing blocks which feels like being punished, and instead just may not go up as much as usual (in the case where ‘bonuses become worse’) or even go up more than usual (in the case where ‘bonuses become better again’) so that it always feels like being rewarded instead.


I was building with those crates before i realized what it quite meant for prestige/footfall.

That screenshot captures the place poorly. It’s not spammy or low effort in any way at all.

But I did get some education from comments when i was basically stacking up hundreds of crates.

Shameless screenshots lol.

Understood. I think I’m making sense of it as I go along ok. There’s clearly a lot going on though.

In the meantime, I build what I like. I appreciate MOST of the comments I get, and I have never, until today, looked this deeply into the final prestige figure shown at the beacon stacks up. There’s something to be said for the fun and mystery of it but of course, the more I know the more I’m tempted to optimize.

That’s not because I actually feel prestige-competitive though. It’s exploring the system and I’m wondering right now if I can push that 100 - 150% initial bonus factor all the way to base prestige with a build that’s not a monstrosity.

It’s footfall that might lead to some actual tuning that I wouldn’t otherwise bother with though.


Everything you just said, I love. :heart:


Speaking of footfall, the reason why I didn’t go play around in your test area earlier was that I was busy conducting an experiment on the new footfall system at the time, the results are here if you’re interested: