Help! Give us your opinion on refactoring prestige calculation?


No i saw that, but i still dont like gleam banks lol

I just overall am not invested in the prestige systen


You living in a hole in the ground makes me sad.

Can I build you a roof? Lol


I have two homes above ground i hired someone to build but my hole is just so cozy and the sand floor feels nice on my feets. You are welcome to expand my hotel though lol


I think the prestige does need rebalancing. I like the thought that it should be based on the effort to gather and craft. I would think it would be best to do this sooner rather than latter. The change will create some dissatisfaction (it did when this was done in EA), so the sooner it happens and people adjust the better. I also think that by establishing the new parameters now, it will allow new blocks and props to have their prestige set at a fair and understandable rate right from introduction.


Normalizing is fine. Most people won’t be upset or bothered. (I certainly don’t care much.)

I do have one minor suggestion (more along the lines of “Don’t forget about”):

If it’s not too complicated to do, award particularly high prestige for blocks of a type that aren’t normally available: Example: My current build is using tons of different refined rock in a color/type combination that isn’t naturally available. I have to use a type switching chisel to switch every one. I’m doing it purely because I like the look and feel of that color/type, but it DOES take significant extra effort.


I’m not saying that they need to be worth nothing but I was able to add about 34k prestige to a build I’m doing with 300 machined iron.
To me that seems just a little bit high.
Again this is just my opinion.


All this boils down two is 2 types of people.

People who wants to build uniquely and be rewarded.

And people who want the highest prestige to effort ratio.

It doesnt matter how much you nerf something, the prestige-hunters will find a new “cool blue Gleam”.

The only way to fix this, is normalize all blocks, and make them worth more for each step to make.


natural blocked placed by a player: ( ie rock) 1 point.
Natural block + 1 refinement (ie stone) 2 points.
2nd refinement (ie refinded stone) 3points
3rd refinement (ie deco stone) 4 points.

Or something like that.

But then doing that will just make the game more PAY TO WIN, since I just just buy plots and drop natural blocks for 1 point all day long.

So I guess, in the end that saying is true, you cannot have your cake and eat it too.


I agree with this natural blocks needing some buff. If the trees I make require 400 blocks, and I place 50 of them, I would hope to be rewarded for that effort.


I was with you until you said it would make it pay to win. I dont understand how you made that connection


Agreed, I think machined is fine. Its lvl 4 on the resource grid.

  1. Smelted iron
  2. Compact iron
  3. Refined iron
  4. Machined iron.

Machined blocks should be worth a lot. Since it takes 4 steps to get them.


I honestly think that is okay. If you take a look at my previous post. Machined is the fourth level.

  1. Smelted
  2. Compact
  3. Refined
  4. Machined

And then if it’s an alloy, then its actually 5 steps to make.


You seem to be all over the place here.

What you are describing is essentially what we have now.

Rarity+process time+process cost (spark+power)+variety=prestige.

The system is fine, it just needs some balance tweaks.

Again, prestige is not the creativity or uniqueness of the build. It’s the effort and rarity of the elements of the build.

The reason gleam gives such high prestige is that it’s supposed to be extremely rare and only available on one world. For the most part, depending on the color, it’s not as rare as intended. Thus, it needs a tweak.


they need to add a second part to gleam where it’s modified by how much of it appears on a planet, kada 1 gleam for example is so easy to get… it should be worth a lot less overall

but frankly I think the variety part of prestige needs a tweak anyway, and some way for natural blocks to count so it can be about looks as well as fancy blocks


I don’t like the sound of this at all. if this is what it’s all about then REMOVE it.
all you are doing is you are encouraging builds like this:

You guys want all the worlds to look ugly? what’s up with that?
If it was me, I would be encouraging creative and aesthetic builds, it is much more challenging and takes more than a single brain cell to make something that looks good.
sorry, I don’t mean to insult anyone I’m just really upset that this is what you guys are encouraging.

all of my ideas would discourage exactly what you guys are intending so I guess there’s no reason to explain. I’ve mentioned my thoughts before but it is clear that that is not what you want. :man_shrugging:


That’s not prestige


Really the only problem I see with prestige is that it is directly tied into calculating who is the warden of the settlement.

Solve THAT issue and people have no reason to build giant towers of gleam.


While you are right, I’m not sure what metric you would replace it with to compete for warden


Some sort of voting system. Perhaps with your beacon you can nominate someone in the settlement for Mayor. The person with the most votes wins.

If that person stops playing everyone can simply change their vote and nominate a new mayor.

A gleam-bomber comes along to build a giant tower of gleam well people aren’t going to vote for them are they?


That’s not competition, that’s popularity.


Personally, I find refined gleam stretches further than normal blocks.
Normal blocks I need a 1:1 ratio. But with mass craft gleam, 36 mined gleam turns into 50. It’s actually less work and effort, just a little more time.
Ok, I have a thought, but I’ll let you guys brainstorm it: is there a way to have natural blocks still look natural, but we maybe… “polish” it to make it build worthy? Please, no extra shine or anything.