Help! Give us your opinion on refactoring prestige calculation?


I think James’s question was about prestige. I believe that the issues with settlements being absorbed and renamed will be addressed by the protection zones and the guild system.

So if the settlement being absorbed and renamed are handled by a different mechanic, do we still think the prestige systems needs to be overhauled/tweaked?

I would say yes. I still think the effort needed to gather and produce a block should be factored into the prestige for the block. I also think while variety can also produce some ugly builds that are built purely for prestige, it does reward most builds and I would be good with this. I also like the suggestion that player placed natural blocks should add to prestige. I think if a rock adds prestige so should a tree.


I think the biggest problem here is that people want the settlement name, or capitol city name. Regardless how you balance this, people will build the most efficient block to become a warden or viceroy. This is why people have trouble ignoring prestige.

There will still be some people who build prestege-optimized builds in the top cities, but for everyone else it wouldn’t matter because they would be able to control who is in their settlement.


I like this idea from pseudonumym84. Where the original name is retained unless the person becomes inactive for an extended period of time or the original beacon runs out of fuel and then the next most senior beacon takes over at that point.

It would make more sense, a city name in real life wouldn’t change based on which building was biggest or best, but by the original founder or popular vote.

Since popular vote is not in scope for boundless, then I think settlement name should be allocated to the most senior active beacon and character.

And to be fair if that person settled there first and had an original plan, then others came to settle with that person, then that original builder should retain his naming rights. @james

And of course that original beacon can be renamed by the founder of the settlement, which is fair in my opinion, to suit the needs of the direct community if needed. Which would keep any prestige grinding for settlement name or mayor from occuring.

Edit: Then if someone plots up against an already existing settlement, the person who plotted the plot that joined the two settlements can decide to join the other settlement or they can stay their own settlement, but cannot remove the other person from founder power. Keeping merging issues from happening, and disallowing stealing of names/rights


I think this is currently possible with the blocks at the moment, as there are “dugup” versions of each block (so that they no longer drop themselves and other items if they’re player placed) - it’s just a case of implementing those versions to have a value. To be honest, it’s something I also hope is implemented, as there are feats for placing natural blocks like soil, so they should also at least some prestige value within a build.


I agree that variety should be rewarded, but think you have to be very careful not to punish those that like a uniform look to their build.

If I go to planet x and gather enough of one particular rock to give all my walls a uniform look, it’s the same amount of effort (roughly) as going to the same planet and gathering 3 different colours/types of rock (or even wood) and using those in my walls (assume these are all being refined).

So why would one be (significantly) less than the other.

Different planets and types of block I get, but it will be a very fine balancing act to pull off.

I don’t envy you making the decision on any change like this, as the people that lose out will be very vocal about it!

I think if you are going to change, it would be helpful to publish, officially, the current prestige values and whatever they are changing to at least a week before the change is made, this will give those losing out time to update their build, if desired.

Apologies if this has already been mentioned (too many posts for me to read through).


I would like to see some changes to how prestige is calculated

  1. Nature placed blocks could give some prestige
  2. Cheap machines and refined gleam prestige numbers could be changed or balanced some other way.

Material rarity, processing times could be taken account on better.
Living prestige block value list would be best where planet or universe wide comparing of how rare some block in certain colour would be something that I would like to see in game.


In addition to colourful soil, is also like to see prestige values for tangle, thorns, growth, sponge, corruption, even gravel and sand. In refined or decoratively processed versions.


100% Agreed. I propose a change to block prestige, and that is it. Do not change the algorithm, it is fine as-is. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


It would definitely be nice to see some reward for trying to create natural looking areas, as @Oggieogham described above with the use of tangle, thorns etc.

I love the idea of see gardens and leisure areas created in cities instead of just square buildings, stone houses and gleam tower.


yeah, something that all the builders have been screaming about since prestige was introduced.


I don’t understand the point to refactoring. If you intend to introduce the new buffer mechanic, then you no longer need a prestige mechanic right?

It won’t matter how you re-balance the equation for prestige, so long as you have this sort of “box ticking” mechanic, as you aptly described, players will continue to hold onto it and game the system. It’s beyond my logic as to why players are so emotionally invested into an artificial mechanic. Prestige is simply an e-peen scoreboard for one nerd to exert dominance over another nerd.

re: variety should be rewarded. Who’s to say that a design which relies on a few block designs is worse than the design which has alot of blocks? Why should a design which has numerous blocks be rewarded more?


Because people like “leveling up”.

As mentioned in the first post, it isn’t about aesthetics. It’s a measuring stick for effort put in. XP for your build.


I definitely felt that concept of ‘Leveling up’ in my first settlement, but I mainly found that the most fun way to balance between being creative and simply trying to maximize prestige was to chisel everything.

I think that perhaps there should be more emphasis on the use of blocks from other worlds and ‘sculpting’, not just placing.


i agree with the prestigevalues needing to be normalised. Also i think it is important to make blocks like woodtrunks, gras and foliage worth just a little bit more (maybe only when placed by the player?) because if you build a lot with them that should be rewarded as well and not being ignored, as itis quite a timeinvestment no less than getting stones.


I also agree strongly with @Pseudonym84 about originator beacon keeping wardenship but foresee a problem with what happens if at some point for some reason you have to move you beacon within your build. Does it then lose it’s place in line as first beacon and then become last beacon placed? I don’t know about anyone else but I am a person who can’t make up their mind when building and often move and relocate things including my beacon within my plotted area. I have no tech knowledge if it would even be possible to retain place in line if you move your beacon over a space or 2 but it would be an important factor to consider


I would assume it wouldnt have an effect because placing a new beacon in your already beaconed area doesnt require fuel for the new beacon. It feeds off of the previous


I think we could think about re-balancing prestige after the beacons are fixed.


I don’t know if I agree that natural blocks should “count”. I just think they should be removed from the equation completely. Neither good ir bad.

Just remove them from the variety penalty.

You can always dig underneath them and chisel them. :slight_smile:


See you next Tuesday.


I would much rather see you work on features that are listed on the web site but not yet in game. I mean, it’s nice that there is a disclaimer, but I’d wager most folks purchased the game based on the features you presented.

Something like a prestige re-balance should be WAY down the road-map at this point.