Help locating Storial

Would any kind soul give me some directions as to finding this region called “Storial”? I saw a picture of the place and wanted to go find it. But, the search function turned up nothing useful for it. I am a new player, only about 1 week into the game on Vecna.

Storial was one of the old worlds, which has unfortunately now been retired as it is incompatible with the latest codebase

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Oh darn!! I was so hoping to get one of those purple blocks under the floating island. :slight_frown:

thats just purple gleam should be east to find

Where can I find some? I know where I can find white and blue ones, and already have some, but I really wanted those purple ones.

Purple is actually not available on any of the worlds at the moment. There is only cream, yellow, blue and red.

The game has the capability to use 256 colour variants of each block, so once 1.0 hits we can probably expect a lot more variation in block colours.

well i havent been that active in the game since my laptop isent the best but my new should make me able to know some more

Thanks for the reply. I guess the grand hunt awaits the release of the 1.0 version.

There’s still plenty to hunt in current live version. :sunglasses:

I am referring to the hunt for purple gleam :slight_smile: