Help Making Crafting Tables Look Good

I’m working on a guild hall building, and setting up a rock breaking room. Unfortunately, the more I play with the crafting tables, the more annoyed I get. They only use about 3/4 of their block height, ending short, so when stacked on top of each other they float while also exposing a large amount of the block behind them as well. It takes at least 5 to handle a smart stack of rock, so the room needs lots of them.

Has anyone made them look good or found any players workshops where they incorporate a large number of crafting tables into the design that looks good?

I used a chisel to rotate them around:

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Possibly would take up too much space, but I always liked this workshop by one of my old guildmembers


I just add them kind of like shelf’s in my storage.

Instead of the storage block on-top of a chest ill put a table.
So i can fill the chests beneath them with plot papers and campfires for example :wink:. The wall behind those are warp blocks so you can still see the stars flicker (kind off).

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