Help me help you - by adding to the steam forums/guides!

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Hey guys, I’ve decided we’re going to need to put a bit more effort into the steam revitalization. We need to help the dev’s out!

The forums are so full of babyrage it hurts, and I know we cannot get rid of the haters and babyragers on steam, some of them will do this no matter what.

BUT - what we can do, is take some of the things they are complaining about, and take those excuses away from them. Give them some content so good, that if they complain, we can easily point them at a post or guide that solves their problem easily, and therefore their moaning is pointless and doesn’t drag any potential new community members away.

So please - take the things you understand REALLY well, like building, mining, tutorials, hunting, The Exchange, gleam club, etc etc etc - stuff that confuses people. And let’s get guides and posts up about these in the forums.

I’m putting my “money where my mouth is” as they say and I wrote a post explaining the exchange and why it isn’t a huge p2w scam, and why not to panic - please take a look on the steam forums page and let me know if there’s anything important that I missed.

Then, add a guide or explanation post of your own!

Thanks all!


I’d like to contribute. I think this is a great cause.


I posted a guide on steam - let me know if I’ve missed anything. I went into a bit more detail and provided pictures explaining the exchange!

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Yeah really. Jiivita’s is a lot better lol.

Even his has a lot more that he could say, but it is quite nice :smiley:


There aren’t any good chisel guides around here. Sign me up, I’ll make the most detailed guide you could ever imagine about chisels (whenever I can motivate myself to do so)!


Done! An entire detailed guide that’s all about chisels. Hope y’all enjoy it.


I shall upvote your guide for visibility!

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Very nice.

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