Help me understand Spark. What is it? What does it do?

My workstations seem to work regardless of having a supply of spark or not. It seems I’m just throwing fuel away for no benefit. What am I missing? Why do I need a power core and spark?

Spark is required to make a lot of the higher tier items in the game currently such as a gold hammer for instance which you need to start mining gems.

Ahh, thanks.

Also, if you break a power cord and move it you lose all the sparks in it.

yep found this out the hard way lol (had 96000 spark in there)

Ouch man, i did it as a test with 1000 in and that was bad enough to risk :stuck_out_tongue:

luckily only took me a day or 2 to earn back and the plus side is lesson learned,now i take into account powercore placement when designing/building my house lol