Help, merged multiple power coils into one with a "10" on it [Solved]

I was trying to take inventory of how many power coils I had . I had a stack of workbench coils mixed regular and advanced and noticed some were damaged. Put one undamaged advanced coil on a shelf, and set 6 down, and repaired those. I wacked the repaired ones to pick them up. I then was putting them on the shelf with the other one and something happened. I was tired so it took me a minute to realized something was wrong. I was trying to right click to count how many advanced and how many regular I had and it wasn’t working. Eventually I realized It no longer had the stack symbol but a 10 on the coils, like what does that even mean?!?
I then noticed that my stack of compactor coils still acted like a stack, but one of the coils in the stack has a “4” on it.
What is going on? Can you please seperate my workbench coil with the “10” back into the seperate coils I had? And I think I had more than 2 compactor coils, but I’m afraid to do anything with them now.
I set them on the shelves in my house on Tana VII at loc -867N -1,260E Altitude 91
This happened around 10:15PM-10:20PM Eastern US time.

edit: hmm, I’m tired, the compactor coil has a “3” on it in the screenshot…

It means you have 4 compactor coils. They stack with matching wear…for whatever reason.
The yellow one is slightly worn. The other 3 have been repaired or they are new.

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You still have all of your coils they are just grouping based on the wear they have. If you fully repair that compact coil it will add to the stack of 3 you already have.

Thanks…yep, I was definitely having a senior moment.
They were all separate when they had different wear levels, and once all fully repaired, now stack…
Just a panic attack when I thought they disappeared.
I better go get some sleep.
Thanks for the help :woozy_face: