Help mining titanium

Hi All,
Im currently searching for some of the higher tier metals and gems too, but I am really struggling to get titanium ore. Ive gotten diamonds now but will be some time before I can unlock the epic skill so im leaning towards titanium for now but cannot find any.
I have max protection on alnitans and sepsaparindi (i know thats not 100% right lol) so Im hoping somebody can give me some pointers on where to be looking, currently i look for diamonds at around level 15 but havent seen any titanium, maybe im just unlucky…

Titanium tends to be a bit higher than that: try 20+ for a decent mix of diamonds+titanium (you’ll probably have even better luck for just titanium at 30+) - Serpent Sardines is a good option for it :+1:


Don’t worry. You are just unlucky or looking for it in wrong place. You can find titanium on 15 alt, but nevir is right - on 20-25 altitude you have more chances, so look for 20 alt if you want mediocre chance for both titanium and diamonds. Also remember that titanium is much more rare then iron or even gold.


Thanks guys i’ll try a little higher :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Alnitans has more titanium since the peak of hills are highers. You can find titanium as up to 100 altitude.

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how do u see what altitude you are at?

You can use the location menu by pressing “p” or simply use the debug menu by pressing “F1” then picking debug info top left

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thanks i’ll try there later too gorillastomp

I really appreciate it. So much to learn and thankfully, this is one of the most helpful communities I’ve been in.


titanium is under mountains like diamonds.
when i mine for diamonds i find more titanium then i could ever use. like others already told you: go a bit higher for more titanium but when u go deeper u will get more gems and juicy hard coal.