Help to find precious stones?


Good to all colleagues, I can not find what would be emeralds, sapphires and others. Could you tell me worlds where there are usually enough and the easiest way to find them? if there is any object that helps you.

Thank you very much everyone! I wait for you in my settlement in Arie


Hope this helps:

Also put a gem in a Atlas and use it to help find hot spots. There is no real easy way to mine. The better the tool the quicker it will be but otherwise its all RNG.

Good luck


Besevrona for Amethyst, Alnitans for Sapphire, Alcyon for Ruby(T6), Cardass for Topaz(T6), and Shedu Tier for Emerald(T6).

Amethyst under shallow water, like along coasts at low Alt(5-40)
Sapphire in Mountains at higher alts(40-110)
Ruby under deserts and close to lava at low alts(5-40)
Topaz in mountains at high alt(110-150)
Emerald under deep water like oceans/seas at low alt(5-40)

Each gem has a “twin” that can be found on the same planet. Diamond and Ruby, Amethyst and Emerald, and Sapphire and Topaz.
Hope this helps you guys get past that hump. Always glad to be of service :wink:


If true this is the most helpful post I’ve come across here, only other info I’ve been able to find has been from early access with different planet names etc. Going to test it out later, thanks!


Just go to a Portal Hub of your choice, travel the worlds and for every world u travel have a look into places->worlds->world of your choice->ressources to check if this world contains any gems or ores or whatever u were searching for

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The game literally tells you where stuff is in the Knowledge section ingame. Open the “Character” menu ingame (default button is TAB for PC) and click “Knowledge”. Look for the block you are looking for (you can filter the list by clicking the arrows at the top). Click the gem seam (example: Ruby Seam) and it tells you where in the environment you can find the seam. Bryethewizard looks like he spelled them all out for you, for the most part, how the game does. All that is left is to find which planet has the gems you want. In game, you can see which planets offer which resources under “Places” in the “Character” menu. Click “Worlds” and a list of the planets you have settled (placed a beacon on at some point) will appear. Click on a planet and click “Resources” and that will open a list of which resources can be found on the planet and how often they occur compared to other resources.