Help Wanted! Friends Needed

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Hey everyone, looking for people to play with and help build. Been just me for a while level 89 on my main character my three others all above 50 on my own sovereign world, just looking for someone to help build gather and enjoy the game with portal to my world is on the TNT sovereign wall, name is playworld free to come by and explore p.m. if interested!

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Why is it i come on here to make a post like this and here i am lol, what do you play on? Im seeking people who play on PlayStation so we can chat in party, and i do have my own sov world as well so but im always looking for people to chat with!

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I also play on PlayStation. I totally agree with being able to chat definitely makes life easier lol. Trying to stop everything your doing to type a message is rough and time consuming. Lol I’m currently working on a massive storage room! I like to build big. I had to move a few time do to property restrictions cuz of other plays build to close. So therefore bought a would and been building for a week or so now. I do swing shifts a work month of days and month of night. I work 3 have two off work two 3 off. But 99% of my time is spent on boundless building gathering n hunting.

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Add me ItzThatGinger

Soon as I’m off work I’ll add ya!!

which main language are you @Coltonaltman52266 and @Itzmeginger23 because i am on playstation too

@Turrican2006 English

ok would not be that big problem either

Awesome well im currently looking for a job so the grind has been real lately😂 so im always on pretty much

Lmao sad to say I almost wish I didn’t have a job to play more of the time.

English here!

if you want to add me PSN Nick is Turrican2006

currently at work so will take 12 hours till i am home

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Will get and add from me in about 6 hours

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I simply love Boundless!!! Only down said is not having anyone to chat with or help work on builds and ect…I would love together and make some amazing builds! The storage room I’m currently working on is going to be massive!!! Fun to do but sucks a lil with no help and just music to jam to! Need those other boundless lovers to chat with for tips and tricks and all that good stuff…more than one person running a shop gos a long way as well.

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So you think. Until you see your neighbour have twice as big

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: yes thats true

You guys should get Discord and join individual guild channels. That’s where all the fun goes down!

I have discord just dont like having 2 wear my headset an a set of headphones it makes it hard to hear or a bad echo its always one of the two

I get that. My main is on ps4 so I’ll often log my pc alt in (as my on-call crafter usually) then hop into a chat so all I hear aside from buddies talking are the ambient sounds, weather, and occasional visitor where the alt is while the tv I’m actively playing ps4 on is muted. Confuses me more than I care to admit :sweat_smile:

I think I should definitely do that. Much appreciate the advice.