Help with beacon reclaim

Yea he has to be the beacon owner, set it home, interact with the beacon. Reclaim will be in top bar and have a number by it.

The reclaim button is there, but won’t let him do anything with it. Nothing in it, either.

reclaim is in 2 places, once in “options” to “force reclaim” a beacon. And the other is a tab for recovering beacon reclaims that have already reclaimed.

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Thank you again. He’s ready to quit he’s so mad about this.

I am sure it can be sorted out, either by us or the Devs.

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I told him he was lucky. I forgot to fuel mine quite a long time ago, and lost almost everything. Atleast it’s there somewhere.

Yes, it should be available in the reclaims tab if its already done reclaiming.

That takes 2 hrs, am I correct?

There was also a recent issue with some beacons not expiring…

James said they think they found a fix for that and it should be in the next update

Without knowing exactly what is going on, this might also be happening…

Interact with home beacon and you will see this


Press the reclaim tab and you will see this


Press the reclaimable beacon and you will see this


Press Reclaim Beacon and you will see the items from the beacons that expired

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Everything is ash, even where the beacons were. I gave him a new beacon and fuel and told him to make it the Master beacon. But then it said it would take 2 hrs.

That is 2 hours to “reclaim” that newly placed beacon which is not what you are trying to do.

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There is no number for the reclaim.

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Does he have alt characters? If so, could it have been one of their beacons?

Can he check in Places -> Beacons and see what the old beacon says? It should give a status saying its in reclaim or something.

Yes, he does and one of those beacons are missing too. I thought he had to do the primary one first.

Reclaim should be available on the char who owned the original beacon.


I’ll show him the screenshot you posted. He’s so mad right now, he’s playing something else. A bit impatient. :wink:

I would check all characters. Have each sit a beacon down and check see if the reclaim is there.


Thank you all for the suggestions. Will get in again a bit later and see what happens.