Help with broken plot connection

I have 5 alts living together in a cluster and had all of them connected. Yesterday I changed something and now cannot get my fifth alt to reconnect to the rest.Ive tried [plotting and unplotting, but I must be missing something. Ive been playing a long time, but I’ve never had this much trouble reconnecting a settlement before. Pretty sure this is user error not a bug, hence posting in General. Any suggestions are welcome.

hey photodylan nice to see you still playing longtime no see
sorry no plot expert just saying hi :smile:

Check your beacons, did your unplot cause you to end up going uncompact on one of your other beacons? A recent change they’ve done is the compactness system will 0-value a beacon’s prestige (And thus it won’t count towards settlement) if its too sprawled out. Got a location I can swing by to have a look?

I see here is a string of plots that appear to be “road” plots according to the settlement visualization. If these plots are necessary, try filling out that area a bit more to being that in to the settlement, @Photodylan.

Still having issues?

Thanks to everyone for their help but I think I need Dev help on this. I have over 16 weeks of Gleam Club left but when I look at my alts beacons they say unfuelled removed from world. But if I load the alt whose beacon it is the beacon reverts to fueled and acting normally. If I then switch back to the first character the beacon now reads as normal. Havent checked all the beacons yet, but I checked 2 and they had the same condition.
Can this get moved to support or do I need to cross post?

Hey, good to see you again as well. I quit and restarted like 3 times, but still hollowing out mountains for relaxation.

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It is a known bug. The expired beacon thing that are not really expired.


Thanks for the help everyone. I tried a bunch of stuff then placed a new beacon, switched it to my master control and both beacons magically reconnected to the settlement. If a Dev has time to take a look at the situation I would appreciate it as I would hate for all this to keep happening.