Help with modding sound files


hi all

i was wondering if any more experienced modders have located where the SFX sounds are stored would like to remove and change some of the more annoying ones


Here’s what I know:

  • The files are located under assets/wwise/<platform>
  • Sounds are compiled via
  • Individual sounds are the ########.wem files
  • You can get an index of them in assets/wwise/<platform>/Soundbanksinfo.json
  • Tools like are good at decoding the sounds & converting them into the usual formats, but I’m unsure if it can go in the reverse direction. You may need to play with Wwise directly
  • I bet folks in the industry have a much better idea of how to juggle Wwise soundbanks :stuck_out_tongue:


awesome wildstock sound replacement —>


I use ww2ogg to decode, dunno if you can recompile…


thanks for the help all would not have thinked they would have been that hidden


Are you trying to remove the swimming sound from everyone? :stuck_out_tongue:


yea its driving me nuts on hunts


if that’s all you want to do, you can edit sfx.json in the archetypes folder.
Edit: oops, maybe this didnt work after all


oof so this is bad so in the folder all the sound files are just random numbers and the file soundbanksinfo.json lists the varies sounds but the "id"s dont match any of the numbered sound files so i dont think there is a way to tell what is what without just decompileing them all and looking at each one.


Try Cutting out 2835495522.wem, that could do the trick :slight_smile:

Edit: Oof okay i know what you were talking about… It seems like the entries for old sound files are still in…


ok so via Process Monitoring im able to see what sound files the game is access and now its just a matter of pick the most likey one remove it and see what happens cuz with the 24/7 rain. mob sounds and world sounds isolating the swiming sound is not easy >.<


if you just want to mute the swim sounds you could just go the the sfx.json found some where like this:
" SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Boundless\assets\archetypes\sfx.json "

Open it up and Ctrl-F for " swim "
and this will pop up:

“player_swim”: {
“onSoundEvents”: [“race1_swim”]

just remove the " race1_swim " to make it look like this

“player_swim”: {
“onSoundEvents”: [""]

load up the game and there will no longer any swim sounds ^^ i guess you could replace it with some other sound… that might be silly =P


Hopper grunts would be a great way to troll someone :stuck_out_tongue:


yea poped in my head to try and find the underwater sound while i was at it and replace it with this :stuck_out_tongue:


yea broke down and did jivitas method even with tracking what sound files the game was using i was getting 30 possible hits. so was not really worth it i may try and do the changes to the sound files like the dire dire docks thing but will take more time to work out