Hey all, new player here!

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Hey folks. I just happened upon this gem yesterday. I am a fairly active player when I find a game I enjoy. However, the world seems a bit barren for me at this time which isn’t a huge deal but it can feel a bit lonely in game. Are there any active Discord communities with people enjoying each other’s’ company over voice chat? I’ve been in the official Discord but seems very rare for anyone to hop into voice comms. I share the same name here as I do on the Discord there. Give me a shout if you’re in a similar situation and looking for someone to learn the game with.



First, welcome to Boundless! I’m on PS4 so I don’t know any popular Discord voice channels, but if you want to be around a lot of player activity you should check out Ultima on Finata or the Gyosh Mall on Gyosha Ophin. There are many other places where lots of active players congregate. I’m sure you will get some invites in this thread.


Welcome to Boundless! There are many, many discord channels out there where people ask questions, trade, and go on hunts. I am not entirely sure if all of them use voice but some do especially during hunts. IDK if it’s ok to post some links here though? Anyway there is the Cuttlepunks Guild channel, Ultima Guild, Portal Seekers, Aquatopian Empire, along with a few more. @Rumplypigskin @the-moebius can you guys help? :smiley:


Official discord

Definitely get in here!


Hello. Check out Iconic. We are quickly growing. Do a lot of public hunts. Build markets. Have a ton of projects. Let me link a few things


hi man heres the aquatopian discord
we installed a new player zone in the aquatopian embassy i making a house on the same area and alot off new players around me that i help and guide feel free to join us

we also run a megahub with shops and diferent guild options and a groupbuild guild
etc etc just swing by our hub at planet beckon
we linked to the ultima aquarius world hub
find the two bunny’s there youle see :smile:
once ya hit the hub loads off signs around to guide ya


most of us aren’t new at this point, but we’re on voice a lot and always welcome new players (and our area is definitely not lonely)


There is PURE, the Shire, caretakers, planet express(hardwired), and many more, the boundless channel has most of them.