Hey Dev's, do you know Flora and Fauna?

When it comes to Flora and Fauna, I really like the Plants of the Movie Avatar by James Cameron. Here are some Pictures for you to get inspired :smile:

@ben @james


i would love to see this too :slight_smile:

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Super Excellent!

What Saints Row 3 commercial has to do with Oort?

The commercial was the reason why he said “Super Excellent!” He probably linked it for everyone who doesn’t get the insider.

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What about the Fauna?

There’s currently no animal life in the game whatsoever (excluding the birds that are there just for flavor). I think it’s a bit early to talk about them as of now.

I may have named a couple of the birds…

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Some great inspiration for @claudiotolomei and @Millson

I just named it Flora and Fauna because it sounds better.