Hey requesting builders XD

So I was wondering if some people that play would like to help out on a group build mostly just me working on it now but its a large build and it would be awesome to get some help on and also have people to talk too XD

anyone is welcome to help out and build shops, housing, slums, art pieces, walls, and slides pretty much anything really banks church’s

I suck at design lol

its on Uliap I normally play as much as I can

Its the main city of Uliap and iv been working on the upper part of it how every there is a well that you can jump in if you want to see the rest X3

the cords are -345.37, 218.90, 1354.74

Thanks again for the tour! It’s really impressive down there! I’m glad someone’s building in those glitchy square holes. I built a little cabin at the bottom of one on some world…

Anyway, I’ll come contribute once my build on Gortnen is done!

I’ve visited Ulaip and thought it was one of the most impressive set of builds. Those colossal caverns underground are really incredible too. I’d like to collaborate but I’m working on a build of my own in Gihhs:

I’ll possibly be coming to make an article on the Oort wiki about Ulaip soon if you want to upload images of your stuff to include as a place of interest!

You can always ask me to help if your on. I’m not proactively on myself because I’m waiting for content.