Hi can I get a custom forge?

Hi! I’m working on a build for JDGroat and I busted my good grapple. I’ve tried in-game to no avail, so I’ll try here. Looking for someone to contact Xyra in-game and custom-forge several umbris and rift grapples I’ll provide. I’m not looking for ‘garuenteed’ perfect results, but I’d like to price that out too.

Umbris Grapple - Hookshot, max proj speed, as much range as possible.
Rift grapple - Max range, as much proj speed as possible, and durability would be the cherry on top.

The only defect/debuff I can’t live with is “bleeding edge”.

Or, if you know where I can find these on a stand, just point me at them.

Hey buddy, if I get some free time after class I’ll jump on and craft you a few. We can figure out w/e cost the materials are and go with that… though I think you are usually asleep when I get home in the evening… just discord me if you still haven’t gotten them, I’ve been meaning to get on and goof around some anyhow so I don’t mind helping :slight_smile:

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