HI Guys I am back Well I been for a few Day I was Antasis1 Info in this post

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I left and change my name because i wanted a name that was not related to my old one because it made me really sad that i left content creating. Also I wanted to be a faceless creator too but I think it will be fine with a face maybe but i am not sure yet. But sadly I deleted my antasis1 youtube But that means the series is Scrapped And Gone. But I am back to making videos On my main channel L3g3ndaryPhoenix has returned. I hope you all understand and the new video will be in a few days But now I want to just mine also maybe i might stream while i am mining too.


welcome back :smiley:
live to your name :smiley:

believe me, i know the feeling, when i cameback after 2 years i felt the urge to be new player and pretend i never seen Boundless before
but when i log in, when i saw my fav places razed to the ground and regened
i knew i must be proud of my past and try to do my best to rebuild what i lost :smiley:

to rise like phoenix from ashes :smiley:


thank you so much :smiley:

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