Hidden achievements?

anyone know what these 3 hidden achievements are and how to get them?

Click “View global achievement stats” and it shows hidden ones. Still some of those don’t have any description.

Edit: you are probably missing Daredevil, Skill Shot and Getting To The Core.
PSN has hidden descriptions :slight_smile:

here you can find all achievments with statistic

or here if you only want to know the hidden one

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Interesting, I finally know what this is.

:rofl: I probably never would have gotten it.

Also PSN is flickering 0.01% and I didn’t see it at steam, is “where no one has gone before” possible yet?

show on my first link (Steam global list), all achievements got by someone
But I can’t say which you mean i see only the german names and i am to lazy to look for the english names :wink: