Hide helmet

Really simple. please add an option so we can hide our helmet.

this seems insanely stupid. but trust me, i just throught of Swtor where it was literally a cash shop feature and it made me scared xD


Did i miss something? are there helmets?

Atm? no. but i imagine there will be, helmets, hats or masks, one of them, most games with gear have helmets of some type, even MC.

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An option do stop showing the own helmet (or cloak) -> GIVE IT TO ME, but please no mode to hide helmets of others even if they didn’t swiched them off.

has that ever been an option in any game?

It would be nice to have the option on all equipment to be solid or translucent… Incase a character has tattoos or something. Or another fix would be to instead of equipment, use cores. This way you can have anything equipped for look and upgrade and level the core attached to it. If you want a head core you simply add it to the gear on your head (hat, hood, helmet slot) and leave the item slot empty if you want nothing visible but the characters head

I would like something like this



Well purely cosmetic was something i considered but on the other hand dislikes so i didnt mention, i have a huge other topic about a wardrobe system which i would much more prefer. you can make a post and suggest having all clothes be purely cosmetic.

but yes. hat, mask, helmet, circlet, hood, generally all head items. as an option to hide, i just didnt want to mention all of them.

But what if I want another look without simply hiding the helmet I have equipped. If there was another slot for cosmetic looks, to place another item for looks alone or translucent to hide equipped helmet would be awesome.

that my friend, is called the wardrobe system but instead of having a physical item you unlock item styles so you can change how your primary item looks. again, i suggest you go read the post and upvote it :slight_smile:

I will, we need this lol

that and a dye system. which i also have a huge post about, i am for customization but to a certain degree, i prefer unlocking the styles rather than having physical items, the collector in me xD

depends if your helmet is giving you stat boosts I suppose…
I do like being able to make my appearance whatever I want and not have to worry about my armor, but it also changes how people size each other up for fights.
As in previous threads like this, I would be in favor of an idea like this IF there is a system that shows stats under the player’s name in order to allow for us to correctly judge our opponents.

You can have a BR Battle Rating, Score for stats + gear + Prestige… Could also factor in how much power their guild has so you may not wanna mess with a noob that has a strong guild

well i also suggested that in another post (case you havent noticed i get far around) and people went nuts because it would cause ‘‘elitism’’ and they would get excluded because they dont have good enough gear or high enough strength levels. i suggested gearscore to get the general idea of the level of the person, and then the ability to see how much mastery he has with his skills, all with an inspect tab that the person would have to accept so you cant just stalk players, but again, people were against that :confused:

It’s because most the people here don’t like RPG’s and want this to be a MC clone… Why would some1 who is good at building be excluded in a guild with strong players? Some1 has to move up to get the rare resources and good blocks, some1 else has to be good at building to use them… There is no reason to not see how strong a players is… If you can use a skill to hide this score or detect this score, even better cuz it will only be used by the PvP players.

Actually no, a lot of the people who are against the gearscore is regular RPG players, to my understanding.

actually its pretty mixed.

there are the rpg players who dont want to breed elitism, although you will get it no matter what.

and then you have the minecraft people who dont want to have RPG elements at all, and that everybody is equal, basically.

You’re asking for us to add the ability to hide a feature we don’t have?

Don’t worry too much, helmets aren’t part of our armour plans (it’s not medieval Britain). We will probably have cosmetic head wearables at some point, but they’ll likely be optional.


dang. alright, thanks, i just do alot of customization and it makes me sad when i have to either choose beign able to see my face or having the stats of a helmet :confused:

also apologies, the formulation was kinda demanding, didnt even notice that.

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