High agility seems to sometimes causes me to suffer damage when I bump into stuff?


I guess it is because im moving “too fast”, so that game thinks im “falling” and this is actually fall damage? Usually the damage is not that great, but at odd times it does take away a fair bit. Surely this cannot be intended behavior? is this a known bug or can I report it?


It has been this way for a long time, you should drink a mega fast brew and activate Grapple an Run too. Good Times.


Or don’t. Cause it hurts. Like a donut.


You die running over stairs. You can die as well bumping walls over and over.


okay well im not a game dev or programmer, but wouldnt a simple check for “airborne” time be enough to prevent this? What I mean with “airborne” = time since feet had the last contact with a block.

If airborne.time < 1000ms then dont take fall damage? Falling for less than 1 second should not ever cause fall damage. imo. at least this would take the brunt of the problem away. Currently causing me to loose 2-10% health running into a sign/wall/counter in a mall every now and then lol


I think it’s confusing that it’s called fall damage. It doesn’t require you to fall at all.

It’s impact damage. It’s momentum based and it does make (some) sense but this means it should be affected by kinetic armor IMO. And also flat rate none of this “percentage of health”.

It’s literally not possible to stub your toe to death.


imo opinion there should be no “impact” damage, it really ought to be just fall damage. I get that technically it would be realistic, but Impact damage is just not practical. Or fun for that matter. At least not for a game like boundless, I dont see why there should be impact damage. Most 3D games does not do such damage to the player for running into wall with too high speed (iirc). Fall damage on the other hand is meaningful.


It’s apparently the number one killer in boundless (combining impacts with actual falls), and I agree with you 100%

Fall damage should be height based. I feel like an oortian should be pretty tough. By the time you’ve invested in max kinetic armor AND max falling armor (ffs) you shouldn’t be dying from any of this at all.

Grapples can affect your impact speed quite a bit but at some point with the falls, the run speed, and even getting wild :anger: ocked there is the matter of terminal velocity.

I think something like 99% of players agree with you here.


well, in real life to be clear.

it happens in this game probably daily.

quoting for emphasis.


Lolololol I remember the first time we activated grapple and run we pounded mega fasts just to see if we could actually kill ourselves running around. Really fun times


You have no idea how many times I’ve died inside my own workshop trying to fast grapple around, sigh…


And after 20 seconds you all agreed that it IS possible! :smiley: