High-Tier Spray Tinter

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I think a higher tier spray tinter recipe that has a spray can efficiency boost would be pretty great. This could just be one more level of crafting material, say a Gem spray tinter, or it could be an increasing series of tinters; titanium, gem, and then exo. Each would have more of an increase in efficiency. The spray would act kind of like heat. Highest level would be something like 50% more. So at peak, you’d be able to tint 3 blocks for every 2 cans of spray. Maybe higher, maybe like 75% more which means you’d be able to do 7 blocks with 4 cans.

The ratios could be played with a bit, but I LIKE how hard it is to make pigments because it makes it a more niche and expensive type product, but I would also like just a tiny amount of efficiency increase to help me get over the hump! :slight_smile:


Three blocks per two cans is still way too gosh darn low, add a zero and I get a bit more excited!


Why not allow the higher tier machines paint higher tier items? Such as shop stands, doors, signs, etc. Currently to get all of the shop stands I would need for my storage the amount of spray for the mint and luminous yellow rocks is absurd. I’m slowly starting to collect, but seeing the kernels cannot get over 100% seed yield it’s going to take ages.


How much Luminous Yellow do you need?

Gotta keep it competitive!! But I could see a case for something like 1 can paints 8 blocks or something.


I like the idea of spray working like heat, where you could use it up from a reservoir… Does however beg the question - what happens with that last bit of 15 “spray” when a block costs 20? (example numbers). Would we have to purge it between colours?

I think this would be easier than to make it mix with the next colour, also this can give a reason to have 20 tinters - each for their own colour… A real spray shop!


1566 rocks/paint or 4350 stones to make 768 shop stands


You can paint shop stands with a spray can. I know that only rough halves the number you need, but I might be able to get you that soonish.

…for a price!!!