Higher level planets for a level 30 aussie?

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My character is Belberry and she lives on Laisana.

I’m level 30 now and I can solo the low level meteors on Boori and stuff.
I’ve seen some donation baskets at the portal hubs - my home is near Mullumbimby so I use the Portal Seeker portal to get to Boori regularly so I have donated a few shards so far, thank you for this service! Any tips on anything else I can help with the community greatly appreciated!

anyway, on to my question

I’ve gone to the first T4 planet - circarpous 1 and the lag was horrible playing from australia, I kept getting an unstable network error coming up and a heap of rubber banding. I have pretty decent internet by australian standards too. (NBN FTTP)

I’ve had a look on Boundless Maps and I can only see 3 planets listed for australia, and then under USA west which would be the next closest geographically there wasn’t anything higher than a T3 there either.

Can anyone advise where I should be looking to portal to that would be playable latency?


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There’s a level 5 and 6 in AUS.

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And just to piggy back on this. Malky is one of the coolest planets, but green is my favorite color so I’m biased.

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oh thank you I didn’t realise this I was searching for a 4 so assumed there was nothing higher :slight_smile:

I assume I would need a lot more points specced into resists to be able to go here and see anything and not die? :slight_smile:

I think malky would require 4 points in the subsequent skill related to its atmosphere, as it’s a tier 6 planet. So some investment yes.

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US servers are generally pretty good from Aus. Try Delta or Till for T4s.

My base in on circ now and i do get a choppy connection occasionally, but its only here and there, most of the time its pretty good. But previous base on US east servers (sorrisi) was noticably better.

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thank you I will check these out when I get home from work :slight_smile:

I’ve spoke with a couple players from AUS and they say they have a better connection with the USE planets. The higher level the more dangerous the critters, on a level 5 a spitter shoots bombs at you and on 6 those bomb explode and drop a bunch more bombs. Cuttletrunks have lasers beams that can kill you and on 6 they can lift you up in the sky and drop you. So you will need to have the armor full.

On atmosphere, look and see what type of planet it is, caustic one you want to visit, then look and see if you have points into it before you go there.

Delta C is a good planet, you can find growth and get shimmering orbs you can sell, the trees have green berries you can sell and you can get bark from the trees. Road runners that give some good items to sell or if you plan on forging you an horde. C. Merika is also I think is also a level 4 and has some good items to harvest. Gyosha O. is a level three and has good items to harvest, the staffs plants give sweet beans I think, the spotted mushrooms give items to sell and you can find dormant meteorites or even some live ones.

I have found a nice amount of iron and coal on those planets. also.


thank you so much for this.

I have one point in caustic at the moment so I could go through the Circa 1 portal so I’ll look at adding more points there and trying out your suggestion :slight_smile:

I feel your pain with the unplayable lag, it’s tough being an Aussie Boundless player at times!

Outside of the Australian servers, I have most luck with the US West planets, then the US East planets - the EU planets seem to suffer the most from bad connections.

Till would be the next planet up you should try, but give Flan a look (it’s tier 5 though so meteorites are pretty tough to solo without a tanky build). Once you have the protection, Galan and Malurialakrib are great for gem mining.

If you want to know the regions and levels of planets plus the atmosphere protection needed, http://boundless.ninja/ has a nice and simple list of all the planets grouped by server location.

Swing by Sydney on Lasaina if you ever need more help, us Aussies need to help each other out :slight_smile:

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Here is a link to a site that can give a lot of good info on the game. You can check out each planet and see what in on them, whether it is caustic, or other, type of critters, what you can find for harvesting, ores, gems and such. I use this a lot and one of the forum members is updating it when he has the chance.


Don’t hesitate to ask questions, we all here enjoy helping out, but this is a great site to bookmark and use when you aren’t online and need some info, or even online and need to know quick.

And we can give more details.

Hey Econodog, I think I am a regular customer of yours, been buying some reasonably priced titanium tools and slingbows :smiley:

thanks very much :slight_smile:

Cool, you found the Sydney City Market :grin:

Happy to do hand trades for 7% cheaper too, no tax that way. Just shout out if you see me or one of my econo alts around.

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A quick lookup table to help you find your preferred destination (complete with how much protection you need) can be found on the official wiki, too.

My wife and I have been playing again lately, and I’ve noticed that the rubber banding is especially bad during peak times. We only have FTTN, at 25mbps, and the game is rarely unplayable.

If you’re ever available at 10:30am, you might want to consider joining a hunt.

Hey Bel!!

I’m so keen to do some exploring on those planets. I should be able to visit them soon of you want a buddy. Will come by your place and say say hello…
Are you on later tonight?

probably not tonight, I have to go out after work so I won’t be home for probably 12 hours at least from now =/

I work mon-fri 9-5ish office hours so I’m usually on after dinner etc during the week :slight_smile: GMT +10 Melbourne time.