Higher Resolution Textures Mod - Worthwhile?

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I’m not not saying that the game necessarily needs it, or that I’m going to do anything about it … but if I were to try I’d imagine that I could at the very least AI upgrade some of the textures for when I finally get my RX 6900 XT back from the shop.

I guess what I’m really asking is … would it even be worth it?

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FWIW - It just occurred to me as a question, more than anything else, whilst I was desperately trying to find a mod to remove the sound and effects for tool boon/quirks/whatever it is. (is it upgrade halo / upgrade_halo.json)?

I ended up finding the folder of textures whilst looking at the meteorite mod (which I’m not installing, because it’s too all encompassing), and whilst I’m just on my ultra(ish)book they look modest. But then I don’t know how big a (for example) 4K texture would be. Would it literally be a 4K image, or does “4K Texture” mean a texture optimised for that resolution.

Anyway … I’m warbling … just thought I should explain myself is all.

( also if anyone knows which files / texts to alter on that tool thing, I’m all ears! :wink: )

Mainly When i see this kinda mod For boundless type of game… The only thing you like is photo taking. Game itself has Pretty good graphics.


I think it’s generally that the texture file itself is 4K.

In a texture file that’s being used to fill a surface, it would still be an upgrade, as noted in that blurb you could zoom further in than before, no matter the overall screen resolution.

Most of the “texture” files for boundless though are maps, or whatever you call it (not a game dev) so it’s being re-rendered completely to fit the available resolution as it’s displayed. Because it’s not just a texture fill, it has to resize the image to match the current screen position/resolution/etc… anyways.

I don’t think you could change the size of them to 4k and still have them load/render properly. @georgegroeg has done a ton of this though, he might have useful input for you.


I have no clue if you could do this. And I’d guess it would take a whole lot more processing power to run the game. I think the current maps are 256x256 or 512x512 pixels. I don’t remember which as I haven’t done anything with them in ages. But I’m going to say not possible. Plus there’s hundreds of maps that would need to be recreated. Which would take along time.


Cool, cool … well … it’s a fanciful pipe dream.

To be clear, I have zero problems with how things are … I was just looking at the files and wondering. XD


I mean, you could make one, and see if it even loads. I suppose it would do one of three things:

  • Load the center 256/512/whatever px it loads and render it mangled
  • Load the whole map and resize proportionally to fit
  • Fail to load altogether

If it just reads the expected number of pixels (not even sure if that’s possible honestly, depends on image format and i think they’re multi-layer…) I suppose it could be top left or some other position besides center - it would be format dependent.

I suspect it would fail out, I was copying some pics earlier from an old thread where I bungled a mod install by replacing the wrong set of files and the game was just adding a strange reflective layer over everything :rofl:

I honestly haven’t tried finding the toolset to modify the files directly, though.


Heh … we’ll see, I guess.

I mean … I only loaded the older weather hack earlier, and that completely bricked the game XD


really cause no matter what settings i put the game at i can’t get the good 4k graphics people with ps4 are able to get.

granted they have the draw distance of a turnip but its a 4k turnip.

I can’t see what they wrote, but I’m assuming it’s negative to the intent of a message that even begins with such a caveat as:

I’m not not saying that the game necessarily needs it

Still, once I have a powerful system again, I’ll experiment with slight upgrades to see what diminishing returns can be had … might as well, eh? Even if it means owt. :slight_smile: