Highhome Grapple Course

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A lot of you might have already visited my grapple course (connected to the portal hub at the eastern end of Therka Market), but if you haven’t today is your last day to drop by, as I’m removing the beacon later on tonight. I’ll be taking some of the gleam, but there will be a lot of decoration blocks and igneous bricks that people might be interested in digging up.

Also, if you’re interested in taking part in the grapple contest. If there’s enough interest I’ll host that later this-evening (roughly 10-12 hours from the time of this post, depending on what time suits the people wanting to participate) I understand that some of you are in America and Australia, so I’m keeping the time flexible - but I’ll keep people updated on the Community Discord; https://discord.gg/g4EC2TA


Do you know what time you’ll be removing the beacon?

and where is the course? is your portal still connected?

Boundless Temple to Therka. The therka portal is his maze.

Well yes, but from his house where does one go to find the course

It’s the red Gleam trail. It starts at the arch in the courtyard. You follow the Gleam anti-clockwise around the island until you arrive back where you started.

I’ll be removing the beacon in an hour.