Historic Boundless - Interview Gallery


Hello! I have created interview gallery
Thats located at Aqua Embassy Hub! Go check it out.
Ill be putting new interviews when my time allows so
First one is up!

Aquatopian embassy hub---»-(¯`·.·´¯)-> love event<-(¯`·.·´¯)-«

@Buugi Can you give a little more info on what this is going to be I was looking at it last night.


Basically theres 10 questions that people i have chosen answer. Mainly these people are longtime players who have played at least from EA
Edit: i wanna highlight the fact that i have chose these people cause i feel they bring something positive to community . there is no “number one” or so.


Jivvita :fist:
Would be great to have on this


a bit earlier than expected! @Hashmalash enters the gallery : ) go check out his thoughts !


Just replying cause i dont want this thread end up being “pick me” contest.

i have alrdy got several people on board… you shall see who those are when time runs by :slight_smile:


That is such a neat idea!!! Truly!


This is pretty cool. :slight_smile: :ok_hand:


Just a bit update here guys!
Interviews start coming when i get my permissions to this place back . Lol.

2 interviews popping after i get perms back
Both well known…
1st.The Founder of two biggest cities there were in EA.
2nd. Is my all time favourite builder hands down.


NEW ARRIVALS! @Karokendo @Kirinvar @Creegle @Stretchious