Hit enter too quickly

Now i hit enter while signing up after mistyping my email…

How do I change it? Apparently I cannot change it anywhere I could see so far.

Maybe I am just blind…

I don’t believe you are blind. Preferences has your email in your profile. However, I see no way to edit it. That likely should be changed. People should be able to edit typos like you had, or change their email someday because they get rid of an email address. Currently I am in the process of changing all my large company addresses to my protonmail addresses since so many of the companies like Microsoft, Google, etc. can’t be trusted with anything. Fortunately I signed up with Boundless after I started the process a year ago.

I am glad I did not miss it…but if that is not possible, that would be highly unfortunate. Especially if one can “reclaim” a forgotten password with the email I accidentally typed in.

You already can change your email, just login on GA.ME and hit settings.

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Ah, well ga.me handles all the authentication, for future knowledge :smirk:

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Thanks…and yes, I would also have never known. Funny…ga.me does not show boundless in their list of games…:slight_smile: So even if I had an account there, I would have not known.

I guess my problem should be solved now. :slight_smile:

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