🎃 Holloween event items

Is anyone making full sets of all the colors of each holloween event items that maybe we can combine our efforts to make in bulk?
I’m not a crafter but I can provide mats and orbs

Interested in knowing too so will comment here to get notified about it!

If no one is doing this I probably have at least 20 full sets of Oorty the Oortling dolls in reclaim from my former shop I’d be willing to sell.

O.O still gotta get sets for the bats, spiders, cauldrons spooky pumpkins, spooky skull lanterns

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Just curious… How many is ‘all the colors’?

only 255 So not too many :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i need all 3 for my collection also so ill be willing to work with you on that one for sure!

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