Honest Feedback - Motivation Problems

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Hi dev’s,

since lately we explained our desire for more input and timelines when certain features will be implemented, some time has passed. @james has already reacted in some ways, but less time related. I don’t know if you can generally see it by activity on your servers or if you even track it, but my personal motivation to enter the game is pretty low at the moment.

It’s not because I don’t like the game anymore, but I’m no guy like @Nyuudles. He invest so much time to construct giant projects… But since we don’t get more features, they will be more likely giant, visitably artworks with not much more use then looking at it and say “wow”.

I better like to create stuff which can be useful or handy somewhen (like the try of creating a settlement on Gortnen). I implemted some ideas, that could have value soon (like a market place or a farm). But after building it, i have no further use for it (right now). And I can’t see light at the end of the tunnel at the moment…

I didn’t enter for 2 month anymore, because I don’t know what to do else then running around and look for nice landscape or collecting all existing blocks. I am always scouting the forum for some news or to participate in concepts, but that’s really it at the moment. I mean, if that’s what you calculated for your current timeline, then it shouldn’t bother you much. But probably I am not the only one thinking like that.

I just wanted to share my thoughts with you. In case, this is not what you wanted to reach till now, it’s maybe helping you to understand what’s happening in our minds when you see less activity on your servers.


This basically boils down to the answer given over and over again. It’s pre-alpha. Things are a work in progress. The game is not released yet. So yes, this basically is their current timeline. And despite you, others, and even myself LOVING this game and being giddy with anticipation of all the cool things that are coming up, we can only really wait for more updates and an eventual release.

Hang tight folks, it’ll be worth the wait.