Hook shot grapple!

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I’m looking for any gem hook shot grapple to buy anybody got any?

hookshot reels automatically and you can’t reel out so… Don’t use hookshot unless you want to get dangerous.

I’ll sell you a few. How many?

What’s the price?

I’ll sell you 2 or 3 at 10k if you want
Edit to add screenshot. They’re the ones I use:

Awesome I’m buy 3 for 10k I can meet you at the TNT Mega hub I’ll jump on my boyfriend pc to do the trade are you on?

You can reel out. It just reels you back in again once you let go of the reel-out key.


Great for road runners. Pesky little birds are going nowhere.


I wasn’t but I am now : ) you?

Yup meet me in tnt mega hub :blush:

He’s character name Claptrap2020

I’m ready and waiting in the TNT mega hub

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Headed that way. Sorry. Was distracted

All good claptrap2020 is the character

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