Host Sapphire planet "Locked"

@HOST your planet HOST [SAPPHIRE] says it’s “locked”

Do you know what this means? I am having mining time and your other planet HOST [DIAMOND] had insane amounts of resources.

Hey :wave:

The sapphire and diamond planet have been community fueled since 2022, if noone is adding fuel to it they will be gone. But u can always look for other ones

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ok how do you do community fuels on planets?

im not willing to spend a whole £8

Anyone can buy fuel and add this to a planet, but in locked status you cannot add fuel if you have not added the world to your world list.

do you have a divverent planet thats not the sapphire or diamond one?

Theres no need, just check for a planet to your needs :+1:

thanks i will check

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Can anybody who can lock posts lock this one?

@majorvex can do this for you :smiley:

ok thanks!