House Building Contest

Any one interested in participating in a house building contest? This is a fun way to get some fun ideas flowing about structure design using the existing block textures. The max dimensions of the house are 16x16x16, the idea being these designs would be easily reproducible. We have the necessary interest. The game is on! I will close entries on Nov 21st so I can compile all of them for voting.

Post screenshots of your houses in here. At the end I will make a large post with numbered entries and we can vote on them as a community. Should be fun. Good luck and have fun.


Man!!! I would love to,but I’m getting a new computer. So I can’t,but if there’s some I could judge via forum that would be cool!!

Yeah, the voting will be open to all forum goers.

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Is Z up or is it horizontal? Skyscrapers aren’t as nice as cozy homes and this game doesn’t have very techy blocks yet.

I meant vertical, but if you prefer we could do 16x16x16.

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What if plots were prepared on a specific server and there was a showcase of sorts?


I think in the end that would be a good idea. When these dimensions we should be able to reproduce them easily. That might be a fun way to vote on them. I plan to build it in a remote area initially because I will probably experiment with multiple designs.

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Now that I think about it, it would be neat if there was an area with all the materials so we could just grab from it what we need. That might take some time to gather though.

These existed, then steam happened. But if you need anything give me shout, and I would be glad to help you find it or share it if i have some.

Ah, I played very little oort before it went on steam. My computer was allergic to the browser version. In that case I am looking to make an underground castle but I need the darkest stone available and purple gleam. Where might I find that?

I believe you can find both in Callaw. I believe the tower outside spawn is made of black stone and has purple gleam.

I would like to volunteer my plot on Sedatars for this contest. I have a strip of relatively level land and a need for homes to fill the city. Sedatars is my test build for the Kovah capital, so we could potentially copy them to the capital as a prize for the best select few designs.


Sounds good, with a testing area off the beaten path we could build a block repository to sample from.

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Lapas capital - down the road on left. The big pyramid (block depot) has everything available. Anyone can feel free to use it just try to replace what you take with infinite mode.


This sounds fun and challenging. I never tried being detailed in a small area before. I’ll try to whip something up when I get the chance!


I’m so pumped I have to share. I started working on a design tonight, and inspiration struck me. It was so exciting the design just kept getting better and better. I did not want to risk going to sleep for fear I would lose the mojo. It’s now 3:40am where I live and tomorrow is really going to suck. But it was totally worth it. You’ll see soon.


Can’t wait to see it! I’ll try to plop something down when I get a chance, I just gotta try and finish one of my Kovah projects before I start another build.


I will offer this part of my design idea up. Last night while I was building my entry. I had an idea which was not to just build a house. But instead I took a look at @claudiotolomei original concept art, and said how can I build something that incorporates the unique style that boundless has into my house design.

When I finished, I stood back and looked at it and said. “You can tell them it’s not minecraft, but this shows them it is not minecraft! Because this would never make sense in that setting, only in Boundless!”


This seems interesting and since there hasn’t been much to do in-game lately as my projects are pretty complete, I’m going to take part in this.

Have fun building and also can’t wait to see what you all come up with.


I would love to!!! What would be even more awesome, is if we all do this on the same world and have the plots next to each other like on a street, so we can all chat in game and have more fun while building!

(I suggest private messaging the world/coords to the players who want to build to prevent griefing)

Maybe an official sign up? with a list of everyone who wants to do it?

What do u think @Karko?