Housing an Arena

Hello people of Oort. I have the intention of creating a giant arena/stadium (Depending on the era) where blood and iron is exchanged! ( I imagined it being used way more when PvP is a thing, but If you want to have a publicly dramatic verbal argument, feel free) I’m not posting due to the need of building assistance, but due to the need of location. You see, stadiums, such as the ones used for sports, are in the center of civilization, allow entrance from multiple sides, and is usually a focal point or well known landmark. I hail from the world Lapas and as much as I’d love to see development occur there, there’s no place I could put this currently without it feeling out of place. Is there any fairly size able/active neighborhoods out there that would like an arena to come to town? ~Frosty


If you build it, they will come!
Make a world a focal point!

You are a wise wise man.

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Come build with me in Melfig at my build! I’m building a mountain into a fortress. It’s already gonna be a huge build and the style of the place would compliment nicely. I wish I had thought of it! I’ll give coords later when I get online and you can check it out to see what you think.

The only thing is that the place isn’t active or well built out yet, but like bootlegger said, if it gets big enough all the RPers will show up. I’m currently the only one building but there are a few more who are going to help I believe.

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I would build it on Xewell :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, a few of us (b00n, thestoneofevil, myself, and I think kannabyss now too) are building there and connecting things up but its widespread enough that there is a fair amount of room for you to find a suitable location. The geography is also mostly cavernous hills with many small valleys dotted between. It’s good for building with the landscape and most builds feel solid and well protected thanks to hills.

I created a fight pit a while back on Lepker

Did cha ever get to flesh it out with more textures? Looks very promising. :smile: