How big are the worlds?

I apologize if this has been answered somewhere we else but I have not been able to find it.

So how big are they? And are they flat or round? Can you walk the circumference or is there an edge to walk off? I ask because the mini map gives the impression of a globe. If they are not I think it would be awesome if they were actually round worlds.

Not sure how big they are, but the devs said in the future they plan on worlds that wrap around themselves, like real planets.

  1. The Generator supports generating wrapped worlds of almost any size.

  2. In development configurations the Generator will keep generating world as you continue to move away from the origin. So they’re infinite up to the standard limits of floating point precision.

  3. The World Builder allows you to craft worlds and define the wrapping size.

  4. The current live worlds are not wrapped and are a mixture of 4km, 8km and 16km square. (The wrapping tech was added after we created the current worlds, which would require a regeneration to be wrapped.)

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If we’re talking about worlds, I’m using the chance to ask:
Will there be an chance that things wich are far away, look like they would dissapear in the ground? Well youi know… because a world is round and all… I’m not sure how to explain it in englih, but I’m sure you know what I mean :stuck_out_tongue:


I would say that the render distance isn’t big enough to see such an effect anyway^^

you can see really far on highest graphics ^^

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But not far enough^^ Well depending on the worlds wrapping size.

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maybe ^^ (need 10 characters)

Assuming our “eyes” are 2m above the ground, and that the square extent is the circumference of a wrapped world:

World "circumference"   Horizon distance
      16km                   101m
       8km                  71.4m
       4km                  50.5m

The highest render distance is certainly large enough to see the effect–but right now the worlds are flat-rendered.


thanks for clarifying that^^

Have spreadsheet, will calculate! :triangular_ruler:


well considering i was up the hills the other day and the world isnt sinking yet i don’t think it would be worth the resources.


Yea but like you now I didn’t consider that the Oort worlds are much smaller.

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but still no mattr where you are you wouldnt be able to see a change, our world isnt that big

plus all the worlds in oort are going to be different sizes, so they wopuld have to redo it for all world sizes

normally you’d make it dependend on the world size^^ on formula for all the worlds.

oh and our world is only like a 1000 times larger than the oort worlds currently :wink:

In the past we had support in the shaders to distorting the view to give the world a curved look. It looked pretty cool, especially when you increased the curvature to Super Mario Galaxy proportions. However doing this was not compatible with the occlusion system in the engine. (The occlusion system attempts to reduce what the engine needs to render by calculating if an entity or voxel chunk can’t been seen as the line of sight is blocked by something in for foreground.) The occlusion system is extremely important and we have plans to upgrade it in the near future - as this will give all players a healthy chunk of performance back. (Why render what you can’t even see!!) We could experiment with supporting a curved view again, but I’m not sure how compatible it would be with the occlusion updates. Also - I’m kind of remembering people feeling pretty sick playing with it enabled. :ambulance:

So in conclusion, it’s probably expensive to support with questionable visual benefit for the player. But it is a cool idea.


The players who got sick were only this people, who never get out of town, cause they never look further than 2 km (If its down the shopping mile) ^^

Okay joke aside:
If you can bring it in I’d like to see it, but it isn’t importand for now, maybe after 1.0. Still I think it would feel wired if you do see the World as a flat one and move in one direction until you see your own building again. That would make me feel sick much more because thats tooo unnatural for me tho.
But yeah, as said, no need for now, complete the game to a point where we can play it as whole game first. ^^

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I am excited to hear that we are going to have wrapped worlds, it will defiantly make the worlds feel like a world.

I have kind of an odd question, will the worlds have poles? I mean according to the compass at which point are you heading south instead north? If the world is just wrapped is the south and north poles the same point? I hope I am making sense here. East and West don’t have the same problem cause they are just left or right according to the poles. Any way I guess it is all just a matter of perspective.

There wouldn’t be any ‘poles’ so to speak as the worlds will not be spheres, they will be ‘asteroids style’ wrapping. If you like, you can imagine the ‘north pole’ as spanning the same width as the horizon and ‘south’ pole. This is sometimes referred to as toroidal wrapping (donut) but I don’t particularly like that as it implies the world is actually shaped like a donut which it isn’t, it’s still perfectly flat.