How can BL best attract new users?


another thing that would help BL better QA it really feels like they devs are building a game on paper and not seeing the result so many of the changes that created a huge outcry/backlash could have been solved by finding a gamer off the street and paying him a pizza lunch to test things out


Not a bad idea really tho shop owners would riot, not placard riot but kicking over gnomes riot.


tools to make elaborate player made minigames
and much more advertising as long as they explain it decent enough at sametime

i would also remove them it does not harm anything and its not like we in love with them
just i do not want to be the guy to launch the voting round lol


Honestly, I think the Negative xp for extended times for dying has more to do with quitting than the coffers. Built in with the “spawn behind” mechanic that should never be part of any game, this becomes a permanent xp loss. Advancement becomes non-existent. You now have a game doubling the grind. If you want more players, ditch those 2.


I agree, xp loss feels punishing for me. Then again I see boundless as more of a creative game than a hardcore MMO grindfest.


Honestly, I wanna say the tutorial does its work quite fine.
I had a pretty nice time when I started playing Boundless in November of last year.
The Journal objectives allowed me to pick what I wanted to do, gave me nice objectives, and I learned the rest by talking to people, which sounds like something that should happen in an MMO.

I agree with Majorvex’s message, BL needs just more content, like Farming, furniture, totems, banners, all that jazz. I’m clearly NOT looking forward to the Hunter creature, but more PvE content is required for those who are playing BL for that aspect of the game.
To each their own.

Once some big milestones have been accomplished, Wonderstruck needs to re-do their advertisement, because the trailer that made me buy the game on Steam was already waaaaaay out of date 8 months ago. And IMHO, the players should NOT be trying to make a trailer in Wonderstruck’s place.


There is a lot to learn in the game and it can be daunting upon first approach.

Expandable knowledge trees, down to base ingredients, would be fantastic as a new player. Show me everything I need in game so I do not need a separate note pad to figure out how to craft higher tier items. Including machines, power coils, fuel, spark, and skills required.
(They should add power coil picture and recipe link next to the values in the current knowledge page).

Or maybe have this as a separate Item Identifier machine with a cheap crafting recipe. You input an item and it tells you all of the stuff needed to craft and bulk/mass craft it. With the ability to check/un-check machines and base ingredients. If Mass crafting Skill is unlocked, it will tabulate the required base ingredients and have a “mass crafts only” toggle for the calculation.

I am grateful for the friends/guild that I have however I felt it was a steep learning curve to tag along on their hunts while I barely had a feel for the game mechanics. Routine, Official mass training/hunts would have really been an appeal for me. Maybe have a low, medium, and high tier hunt once a week, per server region/time. These would be sponsored hunts that include for new players(<X # of hunts) a short chat with an experienced player(s) prior to the hunt, mid tier tools based off of the difficulty of the hunt, and a few consumables. You would need a community manager or specific organizer for something that involved though.

Something that I felt was lacking was the difficulty and variety of monsters. Sure, the first hopper I saw blew me up. But most of the monsters aren’t threatening once you have a grapple or see all of their attacks a few times.


Since this isn’t in the game, yet, you’ll have to use a 3rd party tool. I made a recipe browser/value calculator that has at least the ingredients listed and the machine.

Made my crafting a lot easier, see if it helps you.


Not too sure if there’s a one year exclusive console deal with PlayStation, but adding an Xbox version would attract many new customers and would generate further interest as it would be seen as a new launch window.

PlayStation previously didn’t want cross platform with anything other than PC, however times are quickly changing and they are now allowing more developers to use cross platform play. If I was developing Boundless I would certainly look into getting the game onto Xbox to add another income stream.


Totally agreed - particularly if they were to add it as one of Xbox’s Play Anywhere games, it would get a lot of visibility. Though that would be quite a job I know, probably something more to think of down the line.


I wonder if this would slow down development. I know that with the PS4 they have to submit program changes for review and at times that had held up the release of changes. If they had to also program for the xbox would that mean everything has to be programmed 3 times instead of 2, and another set of approvals for every change has to be made? Would the developers have to go back and devote a portion of the programmers to re-coding the game as it stands now to work on the xbox?


Ha ha. Nice picture.
This was the types of pictures I made for my friends and I :

Anyway, sorry for the off-topic. :stuck_out_tongue:
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that jesus there is the best part lol


I think a perfect way to increase the player base, would be to turn the game into a free to play.

So like Trove. With a patron system.

You can buy the unlimited patron for the price of what they have the game listed at

(current users would get this free from already buying the game)


What do you suggest the players get for paying for the Patron?


If you’ve ever played trove? It could run on buffs (mining, gathering, exp etc) and daily incentives for logging on etc.

I think there’s lots of possibilities with implementing a patron system, which would allow the company to continue revenue whilst also increasing player base.

This game has so much potential and having played games very similar (Trove, Minecraft etc) has the potential to be leaps and bounds above them, the only thing letting the game down currently is the limited player base.


Perhaps f2p and have GC benefits like a battle pass for milestones.

Maybe also have f2p rewards for completing milestones like Fortnite. Kill 20 spitters, mine 100 gems etc.


I think that could also be a good idea, although this doesn’t really benefit end game players. More so newer players leveling and building different characters etc.

I honestly think a buff system would work the best, each day dedicated to something different. Monday- 50% extra drops from mining Tuesday- 50% extra drops from enemies etc etc.


Decrease recipe costs. I tried to get a mate to play and they baulked at the idea when they saw the crafting system. They also mentioned the low variety in mobs but it was the recipe costs that nailed it. “I can build something really coo-oh never mind.”


Costs? Like rock per marble? Or complexity, like pies?