How can BL best attract new users?


Yeah cost, resource required. I did try to tell them about 3x3 AOE making (some of) it more bearable but it didn’t help.


It’s going to be hard to attract new players now that everybody has tried free weekend, said ‘meh’, and moved on. Boundless isn’t a game where you can make meaningful progress in a single weekend… and there are a lot of “trash” skills you have to invest into before you’re allowed to enjoy high tier worlds.

Sure, that system is interesting and unique, but it forces players to grind through weeks of Exp Hell on lower level worlds until they’re like lvl 40. And then your first time on high tier you get absolutely wrecked by the first mob you encounter because unless you are max hunting spec’d you either a) die in a couple hits, b) can’t damage the monster, or c) both. Also, you can’t be a miner and a hunter, so there’s that… skill point limits and all.

My suggestions for how to fix all these problems are never well received, so I’ll leave it to you guys to decide whether any of these problems are worth solving.

On a side note, I would suggest a Creative (offline’ish mode) to get the game buzzing. Perhaps a place to make build models to later transfer a ghosted model into the game as a build template?


Been watching this game grow since 2015… More good than bad about the game. Superb game. The biggest problem I see is only 75% of the core promised content was added. We don’t have broad character customization or different races and the one that exists is cashshop only. We don’t have titans or boss creatures and the creature variety is weak. We lack clothing/armor and gear selection fell flat over time (losing the lance and other previous melee ideas). This game became less and less mmorpg as time went on, and this I am sad about.

Even looking at the game now its hard to recommend it to longer term mmo players because all in all, this game is mostly just building. Perhaps this is not only a veteran killer, but a noob deterrent. The content that exists is a solid foundation, but other key elements are required to keep people attentive in an mmo.

Great idea. I see this come up a lot. I think the current price reflects the original vision of the game. For a building sandbox the price is a little high. The idea was to have cosmetic armor and clothing which still hasn’t been added.

This +1. There isn’t enough adventure to keep you occupied for some of the extreme building times. As of now this game feels more like an idle log in once a day, play once a week game.

This comes up too often. I’m not going to argue about loot boxes. They have never been in the game. But this ignorance is most likely a key factor to scaring and keeping new and younger players. This is a brilliant and easy fix that some of the community has been complaining about from day 1.

Finally free weekends would be more effective if the game was discounted afterwards or even price reduced for good. I have never bought a game I played on a free weekend, especially if the price point is above 20-25 usd.

The focus of the game needs to be honed. Content and the original rpg aspects need to be added for 1+ year playability or the game needs less grind to keep people longer than a week of excitement that weens with frustratingly long term goals in a sandbox game.


they did that with the first free weekend that was ran a little bit ago the game was on sale for 20%(30% if you bought it form the SE website) and stayed for a few weeks after the weekend the only thing is the game almost did not survive the free weekend it got hammed hard by negative steam reviews and angry/frustrated twitch streamers


Bingo! Skill tree is brutal. 1-2 points into a skill feels negligible. Once you get past 25-30 they seem to come so slow and the creep is so slow with nothing to look forward to. In other MMOs you always had levels to look forward to. For example hitting level 30 on WoW gave your hunter aimed shot and so on.

Luck is a waste of 8 points imo. Most games eventually get rid of stats like luck and just makes it consistent for everyone. Anthem recently removed their luck stat. I still think the skill tree could use an overhaul. Yea balance blah blah, its not like people don’t have 5 skill trees they freely switch between anyway. It’s nothing more than an inconvenience at this point.

Overhaul skills and reduce/scale mob dmg by level on T4 and below or increase all health are my suggestions. Of course thats not all we need but at least new players wont be feel so weak.


I would have to disagree for the most part. Other games give you smaller gains for higher skill cap. I found each skill point rewarding taking away the feeling of long grinds for little skill rewards. That’s just me. I don’t dare discredit how you feel about the system, just saying I feel our reward is nice. Gaining 10% per level and 2 points of action speed, you really see that change each level as opposed to other games with gains of .1-.2% damage, speed and crit gains.

This saddens me but could’ve predicted as much. The skill sets and inability to do everything in a non-rpg game is awkward. $40 price tag for sandbox mmo doesn’t leave you feeling like the game is obtainable after a selective gaming preference type of game. No fault of the dev, the vision is off and doesn’t feel like a complete game in either genre.


Other games also boost your base stats each time you level. More hp, more strength, agi, etc each level. In Boundless, at max level the difference is definitely noticeable. Especially when switching skills. But early levels when you have to decide between 8 points of luck, dexterity, strength and so on or saving up for 3 levels to get a 5 point skill, it can get pretty slow. Then new players thinking they will have enough skill points to eventually have a crafter/hunter/miner on one page only to find out it caps at 100 :persevere:

But like you said, I’m sure this system works for some. If you have the patience to grind to max level it gets a lot easier, but we’re losing people before they can get to that point.


I’ve been playing regularly for 8 months and I still haven’t finished my second page of skills on my main character.
I’ll admit that it’s not my focus, but I do find it super slow to grind, and not very rewarding. :neutral_face:


i was playing regularly for 6 months and did not even crack above level 40 on my main the leveling is brutal if you dont play the way the game wants you too.


I took forever to break 40 as well. The portal clans had built the portal networks by what, like day 3? And I was only then reaching maybe lvl 20… fast forward a couple weeks and I was still nowhere near 40.