How can I chisel a circle? And other chisel questions

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Hello guys,
I have a question. I’m not really good in the chisel technic, so how can i chisel a circle?
I will build a fountain, but I’m still hanging at the circle…

It should be like this

Best regards

How big do you want the inside of your circle to be? Size affects how much and what type of chiseling youd want

It has a diameter of 9.

Quick google search for “pixel circle 9 diameter”, first image (cropped for legibility)…


Shortest circle like thing would be building it as is, and using a copper slope chisel on the outside vertical edges of the 3 diagonal blocks on each angled side…

Pardon my epic mobile paint skillz, but like this… with similar but opposite slopes on the inside (2 extra blocks per side)



diameter of 9 blocks?

you could then make it with a precise slope chizzel to be a octagon thingy


Ive personally been using Copper Slope AND Iron bevel chisel to make circular buildings and it seems to work out very well for me.

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could you share a screenie? =) im allways interested in new chizzle ideas^^

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I though to build a circle and not a octagon…
Octagon is easy to build.

Sure! Would just be better off coming to my settlement and I could show ya. I’m not at home right now, will be later after I get off of work.

Where is you settlement? I would coming too, to see the result.

I might have a 9 diameter layer on the burger, sorry cant promise.
And yes i prefer iron to copper, and the mix gets quite close

Vatri, an octagonal shape is about as close as you’ll get to a circle. If you used a copper slope on all edges, itd just be a square turned 180 degrees. I mix copper slope and iron bevel in many ways to come up with different outcomes. Other than that, there’s no actual way to make an actual circle in this game. Unless they came out with a new chisel.

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Hm okay, I though it’s possible to build a circle.
So thanks all, I build a octagon fountain :unamused:

It is slightly possible, it just wouldn’t look as good as a normal circle. Tell ya what, I’ll hop on later tonight and try to make a circle out of the dimensions you’re wanting and see if I can come up with a good outcome. If so, I’ll PM you to come by or me come by and I’ll show ya.

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Oh thanks, that sounds good.
I will waiting for the result :slight_smile:

The bigger you make it, the more it will look like a circle.

This is a fountain a guild buddy of mine has created over at Anvil’s Marketplace. feel free to draw inspiration from it.

Credits to Kal-El for the creation.


@Hazir gave a good example. But I will still try to come up with a more sleek looking circle. I’ll keep ya updated Vatri.

Wow, that looks good, for the first.
On wich planet is the marketplace?

That’s on Seingenkai’s Capital - Anvil. right in front of the [PS] HUB.
Aridhol’s marketplace.

I made the cherry-ish tree if you’re there to view the scenery :slight_smile: i’m quite proud of how it turned out.


you could use a circle program but as a extra boundless touch try doing it with the titanium chiseled cubes